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Chill! A Weekend Getaway…..

The Fall season always causes me to take a closer look at life: my goals, my priorities, the level of presence (or lack thereof) that I have with myself, my family and my friends.  The past few months have been a wonderful journey—a truly transformative time. However, I’ve realized recently that amidst all of this positive change, I’ve been struggling to create space for myself—to find stillness and time for the quieter things that feed my soul.  Devouring a great book, lounging around to flip though favorite magazines, taking long walks with no urgent destination, or simply getting lost in music. These hobbies have all gone to the wayside as EyeSwoon has presented so many exciting opportunities and collaborations with a wide variety of crazy inspiring people. And I am so grateful—but man oh man have I been busy planning in my head, not to mention practically living on my computer and social media.  SO, to remedy this, I’ve declared a reset weekend for myself—a much-needed few days to explore nature and sit with myself in solitude.

Because my time is crunched, I settled for a little staycation—luckily, you don’t have to look far to find the beauty and relaxation of travel. And having been on the go so often lately had me looking closer to home, for an Athena-only weekend getaway, in the very place I grew up: Long Island.

With the leaves just beginning to fall, there is no better time to escape the chaos of urban life. I set my sights on the North Fork of Long Island—a hidden treasure, still somewhat untouched and speckled with all of my favorite things to swoon over: cozy little restaurants, delicious food trucks, and incredible bakeries with locally sourced products from the surrounding farms. Special antique shops—filled with eclectic oddities and found objects for uber inspiration. Not to mention the area’s amazing wine! What more can a girl ask for of a solo weekend getaway?

So on a drizzly afternoon I set off, leaving my boys behind to head out on a dirt biking adventure of their own. I packed my super swoony new Hartmann suitcase and leather carryall to head from my Amagansett home, just a 40 minute drive to the North Fork.  I couldn’t help but notice beautiful similarities between my weekend home and the grainy texture and craftsmanship of Hartmann’s new Heirloom Tweed and Leather collection—particularly when it came to the details of my master bath. The woven, tactile quality of the tweed reminded me of the coarse ropes strewn along my ceiling; the leather belting details on the suitcase were also reminiscent of the leather hardware I had designed for all the pulls on my closet and vanity drawers. Capturing this design synchronicity—everything in a neutral, fall palette—made me giggle (I love when things align in life). It was the perfect send off.

And because I am a bit of a control freak, I did a lot of research on the coolest spots in advance so that when I arrived in Greenport for my staycation, I wouldn’t have to think at all. I mapped out a list of the best antique shops, lunch spots and wineries, and made swoonworthy dinner reservations. To prepare for laying out in the open fields of Northport and indulging in some serious reading and NOTHINGNESS, I brought along a warm flannel blanket and only my most relaxed clothing essentials—nothing beats a collection of cozy sweaters, lounge pants, a pretty poncho and flat shoes (the cutest Ulla Johnson booties and my favorite Vince sneakers).

Perhaps this post will inspire you, too, to take a little time for yourself this weekend? Don’t underestimate the power of me time! That said, I’m signing off now to get a bit of my own…

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Photography by Winnie Au

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