If there were ever a creative to be crowned the swoon-master of all things visual, I do believe that Simon Doonan just might be ranked KING! As the creative ambassador of Barneys New York and window dresser extraordinaire, Simon has been pulling all eyeballs in his direction of chic, campy style for decades and continues to inspire the world of fashion. Simon’s recent memoir, “The Asylum”,  finds him sharing essays and educating us one again on his intoxicating journey of fashion’s past, present, and future. As Simon declares –  fashion elitism is just as kooky in it’s mad insanity as us all!  The king has given us a voyeuristic window into the once private world of couture and in giving us ALL ACCESS he is essentially blurring the lines. Below Simon shares his holiday swoonisms, traditions, and holiday gift picks from none other than Barneys!


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