Home Décor Gifts for the Design-Obsessed Mom

Words by Sacha Strebe.

For us, a home is never really finished, but rather in constant movement. As fellow curiosity chasers, we’re sure you can all attest to that innate yearning for visual fuel and you’ll stop at nothing until your spirit of inquiry is piqued. We’re seekers at heart, diving down research rabbit holes to uncover rare oddities and unexpected forms to enhance our living environments. As the aperture of our lives expands, our creativity comes into focus, shedding light on our passions and honing our eye for beauty. If you share this time-obsessed practice with your mom, caregiver, or provider too, then we know they’ll love our curation of home décor gifts for Mother’s Day.

Our love of the hunt for “the one” knows no bounds, so you can only imagine how much fun we had web sleuthing for this guide. We have everything from candles to design books, decorative objects, vases, and wall art—something special to put a smile on their face. And no doubt, you’ll probably find a few things for yourself too (hey, who are we to judge!). So, keep scrolling to shop home décor gifts for your beloved mom below to celebrate that special person who inspires, motivates, and encourages you in life. 

Home Décor Gifts for the Design-Obsessed Mom
Home Décor Gifts for the Design-Obsessed Mom
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