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Every time the weather warms up, we start to dream about adding some beachy, resort-style flavor to our home. But truth be told, when done well, the aesthetic is also one that resonates with us year-round. Why wouldn’t we want our space to feel like an oasis every day?

That’s why we’re such fans of New York-based Homenature. Not only does it deliver an elevated, cozy-casual vibe, (combining all things “home” and “nature”, true to its name) — it does so with inspiring refinement and restraint. Having opened its first shop in 1997, the home design store has locations in the Hamptons and Manhattan’s Flatiron District, and it also offers a selection of its wares online. Here, owner John Heilmann shares a window into his calm, airy world of interiors, plus five of his favorite items.


NAME: John Heilmann

PROFESSION: Owner of Homenature

HOME BASE: Southampton & NYC

ENDLESSLY OBSESSED WITH: Simple, luxurious living.

DESIGN PHILOSOPHY: Simple layouts, clean forms, comfortable furnishings, sensual fabrics, natural materials, a luxurious touch here and there, and if possible, lots of natural light.

YOUR AESTHETIC IN 3 WORDS: Natural, modern living.



DESIGN TREND YOU LOVE? Good, healthy living.


COLOR OR NEUTRAL? There is no such thing as a colorless world.


HOW AND WHERE YOU SHOP: While traveling to unfamiliar places, it opens up the mind and the eyes. As Diana Vreeland said, “the eye has to travel”.

DO YOU HAVE ANY DESIGN ICONS? WWJD (what would Jackie do), Mies Van der Rohe and Michael Kors.

  1. Tina Frey White Resin Bowls: “Her hand-sculpted pieces reflect organic shapes as well as organic materials. Her resin pieces are a Homenature favorite. Whether you are using her pieces for serving hors d’oeuvres or using her delicately-crafted bowls as planters, these pieces are must-haves in anyone’s home.”

  2. Michael Dweck Photographs: “Dweck captures youth, simplicity and beauty. His photographs take any space and transform it to an escape from busy, hectic life.”

  3. Pehuen Pillows: “Patricia Leidi supplies Homenature an exclusive line of pillows that are unique and mod. The natural materials she uses…hence “pehuen”, a tree in the Chilean Andes…are handwoven to make these pillows extraordinary in anyone’s home.” Contact Homenature to order.

  4. Lazy Point Sofa: “This piece is the definition of functionality, mixed with great design and comfort. The deep-set back allows you to have this sofa floating in a loft space or up against a wall in a Hamptons living room. It is easily transformable to whatever your aesthetic might be.”

  5. Jackie: My Obsession: “This book really is my obsession. This perfect-size coffee table book brings all of the elegance that Jackie brought to the White House to your living room. No matter your political affiliation, everyone can agree on how fabulous Jackie is!”

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