Design 5 Swoon Worthy Things:


Shop owners Paul and Sophie Yanacopoulos-Gross of Homestories speak my language. So many common denominators in our design-loving world that we were bound to meet — but we only did so just recently at their perfectly-curated Brooklyn Heights store. It was swoon at first sight upon entering, followed by an hour-long conversation with Paul and Sophie about interiors, decor, global discovery, and our shared love of monochrome. Every corner of their boutique is thoughtfully and meticulously designed and my eyes linger on so many tactile and natural objects of desire. I am honored to feature Homestories and the five items these two uber-stylish partners in love and life are coveting for their home.


NAME: Paul & Sophie Yanacopoulos-Gross

PROFESSION: Designer/Retailer

HOME BASE: HomeStories

ENDLESSLY OBSESSED WITH: Making ‘poor’ materials noble.

DESIGN PHILOSOPHY: Simplicity and honesty.

YOUR AESTHETIC IN 3 WORDS: Quality, authenticity and simplicity

DESIGN TREND YOU LOVE? Urban nomad. ‘Casa povere’.

ONE YOU WISH WOULD GO AWAY? “Neo this, neo that”…embrace the now.



HOW AND WHERE YOU SHOP: Nothing online. Love visiting, discovering and touching. Especially when traveling.

DO YOU HAVE ANY DESIGN ICONS? Nelson Sepulveda, my partner Sophie, Konstantin Grcic.

WHAT INSPIRES YOUR WORK MOST? Human contact and travel. The meeting of kindred spirits and collective minds on Instagram.

  1. Foscarini Kurage Lamp by Nichetto x Nendo: “Came across this beauty whilst wandering New York Design week. Nendo’s ‘Kurage’ table lamp is made from handmade, molded washi paper and a wooden frame. Poetic, sensuous and marvelously sculptural…fell in immediate, deep love!”

  2. Nelson Sepulveda Z1 and Z11: “Another light, but this time from Nelson Sepulveda. The unpoetically named Z1 and Z11 cashmere. The marriage between ‘poor’ bamboo and ‘rich’ cashmere creates the most luxurious, and in my mind, beautiful, pendant light.”

  3. “At Least For Now” by Benjamin Clementine: “Music fills space and fills the heart. I cannot imagine life without music. I am totally mesmerized by Benjamin Clementine’s poetry and passion and powerful humanity.”

  4. Private 0204 Vintage Hemp Kilim Rugs: “Ecologically wonderful and aesthetically beautiful, these vintage Turkish hemp rugs are hand washed, patched up, dyed and given a new lease on life by Private 0204. Fit for the next few generations of urban nomads that we are!”

  5. Samsung Serif TV: “Serif. Finally an intelligent color TV for the monochrome home that you will not want to hide away. Available in black and white and ideally equipped with matching floor stand.”

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