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Hostess Gifts for Overnight Stays

A calendar jam-packed with trips to family and friends’ places is one of the great joys of summer. From chatter over morning coffee to late-night snacks in pajamas, there is no better way to connect with loved ones than by spending time together in their own home. That being said, we know a whole lotta work (and wine, and food, and cleaning!) goes into making that stay possible. So to thank all the gracious hostesses in our lives for opening up their doors, we’ve put together some simple, thoughtful ideas to help brighten their homes and restock the pantry staples.

Hostess Gifts for Overnight Stays
Hostess Gifts for Overnight Stays
Breakfast Bounty

Yogurt, Granola and Local Berries

Spring for yogurt, granola, and berries from a local farm or market on arrival — it’s an easy and crowd-pleasing option for breakfast. You can check out the fresh and yummy-looking recipe shown here over on What’s Cooking Good Looking.

Help Hydrate

Modern Water Carafe

We all wish we would drink more water — this lovely carafe would help. Aside from in the kitchen, the hostess could use it bedside, on her desk, or just about anywhere in her home.

Hostess Gifts for Overnight Stays
Cuppa Joe

High-Quality Coffee

Coffee tends to get depleted in the blink of any eye in a host’s household, so a little refresher is always very much appreciated. Image via Food52.

Sweet and Speckled

Black Sand Bud Vase

Flowers deserve an equally-beautiful vessel. This one is so pretty it could even stand on its own, sans blooms.

Cheese, Please

Delicate Copper Plate

Head to the local cheese shop for cheese, crackers and chutneys. They are bound to get gobbled up during your stay. And if they’re gifted atop a serving plate like this, all the better!

Quality Cut

Azmaya Cheese Knife

Instead of actual cheese, an elevated knife is also a great gift option. We love everything about this Azmaya piece, from the sleek silhouette to the curved blade to the brass handle.

Pantry Replenishment

ILĀ Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For any hosts who like to cook, there are few kitchen staples as universally-loved and appreciated as a high-quality olive oil.

Let Them Eat Cake

Hand-Carved Maple Cake Knife

The wood grain and serrated detail on this hand-crafted serving piece are beyond swoony.

Freshly-Baked Bread

Ambatalia Wrapping Cloth

Grab a fresh loaf of bread from a local bakery, then use this cloth to wrap it furoshiki-style. It can be used again and again as a bread bag, an apron, a lunch sack, or in endless other ways.

The Perfect Pourer

Humble Ceramics Oil/Vinegar Greystone

Clean, understated and tactile is a combination we tend to gravitate towards when it comes to ceramics. And this is a pourer that minds the details, right down to the small bit of cork peeking out from under the metal spout.

Brass Beauty

Hand-Forged Brass Coffee or Tea Scoop

We’re completely smitten with the sculptural shape and delicate lines of this little scoop.

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