Housewarming Gifts You’ll Want for Yourself

Words by Sacha Strebe.

What does home mean to you? At EyeSwoon, it’s our secluded sanctuary, a safe haven to ponder our most intimate thoughts, a space to experiment, to play, to celebrate, and to take refuge. With so much of our lives spent within these walls, it makes sense that we would want to craft an environment that speaks to every facet of our personality, and our moods—our own delicious, attractive, and joyful world. If you know someone who has just moved or is about to, then you’re probably looking for housewarming gifts to celebrate their new home. So, we compiled 12 of Athena’s favorites to get you started, along with some of the EyeSwoon team’s picks. 

Housewarming Gifts You’ll Want for Yourself
Housewarming Gifts You’ll Want for Yourself

Shop Athena's Top 12 Housewarming Gifts:

Design and food is the interplay of raw materials. Playing with both contrast and cohesion to create harmony or at times polarization. This holds true for the way you plate a meal and serve it for your guests or yourself! The beautiful scalloped edging and warm clay appeal of these dinner plates help to elevate any meal, turning even the simplest dish into something extraordinary. This is a gift that keeps on giving.

I’m constantly seeking out decorative objects to amplify the script in a space. I audibly swooned the moment I laid eyes on this marble bowl by Chandler McLellan. Due to its handmade nature, there are delightful variations in the color and markings, making each one irresistibly unique.

Rose Uniacke’s work is a lesson in juxtaposition—delicate yet robust, grand yet intimate, raw yet luxurious. This push and pull of contrast and contradiction, of tension and restraint in a room are what inspire my own work. This book gives us all a rare glimpse into Uniacke’s work and process to inspire our own.

Initially envisioned as a place to burn palo santo, this handcrafted petite footed bowl is a versatile and sophisticated piece that doubles as a great catchall for jewelry, or a beautiful decorative object.

Our mood is inextricably linked to our surroundings. Design is a very emotive experience and I truly believe that what we choose to fill our home with has the ability to influence how we feel, every day. Canoa Lab ceramics echo that sentiment with their shapes and textures that pay homage to ancient artifacts. Handmade from stoneware with grog from Manises, Spain, each vessel is brushed with experimental glazes to create their unique textured surface.

To me, curiosity is the golden ticket to remaining fresh in all your creative endeavors. So I surround myself with the unexpected, those pieces that conjure visual intrigue in order to perpetually summon that practice. This candelabra is usually sitting pretty on my entryway table, its botanical hand-wrought tendrils inviting me home with a warm welcome.

Candles always enhance the mood with their visual trickery. These elements of illumination bring a sense of calm, warmth, and intimacy. This candle holder was designed by my dear friend, Colin King. I love its exaggerated proportions and simple geometric form.

I love the entire line of Richard Brendan’s glassware but especially his old-fashioned glasses. The quality of these mouth-blown crystal beauties is supreme and their opulence will whisk you back to the glamorous art-deco era.

The alluring aroma of this sweet floral scent is akin to a flowering vine and who wouldn’t want that romantic sentiment to sweep through their home? The vessel comes in a variety of hues to suit any space or mood, too.

This blanket exudes so much soulfulness, sentiment, and warmth with its handwoven, brushed texture. Throw it over a chair, a couch, the end of your bed, or even your shoulders for instant comfort.

The kitchen is my workshop, my studio, and my creative outlet. It is where I take risks––where I fail and persevere. A lot of my experimentation, my trials, and my errors, have happened in a Staub cast iron pan. It is the ultimate can-do-anything pan that every chef, both novice and experienced, should have in their kitchen.

I demand a lot of my kitchen tools but especially my knives! This trio by Material Kitchen lives up to the hype. They’re crafted from Japanese stainless steel and high carbon to be meticulously sharp and incredibly resilient—I can attest to that! These are a kitchen staple.

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