0415_BK-MUSEUM_mainBrooklyn has been my home for the majority of my adult life.  It’s a community where I came to learn so many things about culture, food, self-expression, love, friendship, family; but most of all, art.  There is, without a doubt, a pulse that runs through my borough – a communicative pulse of creativity everywhere you turn – from galleries to graffiti, from museums to public art found on the streets.

Perhaps the most powerful thing about art is it’s ability to make us stop in our tracks.  Stop and appreciate, stop to admire, stop out of curiosity, stop for discussion.  Stop to ponder, to understand, and to fantasize. Stop because you are emotionally moved. Art is visceral and an essential part of who we are and makes up a wide swath of the fabric of Brooklyn.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have been asked to be on the host committee for this years Brooklyn Artist Ball – a truly spectacular event at the Brooklyn Museum celebrating, you guessed it: Brooklyn Artists.  Tomorrow night we will have the pleasure of dining in the museum’s dramatic ballroom on tables designed by 16 featured artists.  We will literally be eating on art.  I’m so excited to be a part of this unique experience, combing two of my personal passions: food and creation.  It’s fantastical and dreamy and 100% swoon-worthy!

Just yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the museum with crazy talented photographer and friend, Gabriel Flores, where we were able to witness the creation of three of the artist’s pieces  and capture their portraits.  Alyson Shotz creates monumental sculptures using materials that range from mirrors, glass, and beads, to steel, wire, and digital photography. Alyson’s spectacular & delicate glass bead sculpture will hang in the museum’s atrium.  The artist known as Olek covers people and objects in snug, crocheted cozies. Olek’s magnificent crocheted creation is woven of all the colors of the rainbow and will be vibrantly stretched across a 40′ table. Lastly, conceptual artist Oliver Clegg’s clever interactive installation will dominate the center of the ballroom and requires guests, in their seats, to move around the table every 15 minutes.

Each of these spectacular artists are auctioning off their work tomorrow night at the Brooklyn Artists Ball and on Artsy, where you can bid yourself.

Brooklyn has been a community that is not only thriving and supportive of the arts, but also where I discovered who and what my creative vision and voice was. And so it seems, in Brooklyn, we are all Hungry for Art!

Photography by Gabriel Flores


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