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Instagrammers’ Guide to the Armory Show

One of NYC’s largest (and swooniest!) art fairs is upon us. Art galleries, critics and lovers from around the world are streaming into the city to take part in the massive, 211-booth extravaganza that is the Armory Show. So, we’ve taken to Instagram to help navigate the event’s wonder-filled waters. Below, check out the four art-loving Instagrammers we have to thank for the exhibit inspo and learn about the artists behind the images. After that, get thee to the Armory Show this weekend! It ends this Sunday, March 6th.

  1. @hahnfineart: “Iranian artist duo ‘Peybak’ creates phantasmagorical paintings of creatures clustered in a swirling swarm!”
    Scrolling through the account of art collector, advisor and curator Hahn Fine Art is like experiencing an energetic, jewel-toned feast for the eyes. Posts here are of art and art alone — follow along for the works that catch the team’s eye.

  2. @thelmagolden: “Barkley Hendricks ‘Photo Bloke’ 2016 @jackshainman [at Jack Shaman Gallery]”
    Art and music collide in the highly interactive account of Director and Chief Curator of The Studio Museum in Harlem Thema Golden. Check out her feed for works of contemporary black artists, emotion-provoking videos and even an occasional glimpse of her print mix-mastering personal style.

  3. @rcembalest: “‘iMaid Ka Lova 9,’ nylon & cotton pantyhose, fishnet stockings, thread & sealant on canvas @blankprojects”
    Editorial and Digital Strategist Robin Cembalest has an eye for the intriguing. Featuring artworks almost exclusively, her feed is one to follow for offbeat and unexpected art from paintings to ceramics to sculpture to textiles.

  4. @doreenremen: “Gorgeous large canvases by #brucehighqualityfoundation”
    Need an art-filled pick-me-up? Founder of online art store Art Markit and co-founder of public art nonprofit Art Production Fund Doreen Remen has a knack for the playful. Her feed is chock-full of colorful works and smile-inducing behind-the-scenes moments.

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