The first time I met fashion PR consultant Jeanann Williams was on the beach at Ditch Plains. I remember thinking she was the quintessential beach babe….with her long, flowing, golden hair & effortless vibe that was warm & fun at once.

Fast forward 5 years, still the same care free gal,with the addition of her beautiful daughter Ruby, with Ben Watts, and two incredible and swoon worthy homes in MTK.  Jeanann embraced the challenge to design the new home, an investment property, in 2 months! Her definitive eye and genius shopping finds add a distinct personally & flair to the rental home!

Being at the beach is meant to be relaxing, low key, and easy…Jeanann knows how to do Montauk right!

Most weekends the neighboring homes are filled with guests, an open policy for friends to pop over anytime, and epic Sunday BBQ’s.  I found myself fascinated and eager to learn her tips, tricks, & secrets on laid back beach living & simple entertaining.

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