Jenni Kayne’s Debut Home Collection

By Natalie Goel
Images courtesy of Jenni Kayne

All the while we’ve been shopping Jenni Kayne’s clothes and shoes over the years, we’ve also been furiously pinning pictures of her clean California homes to our Pinterest boards. Well, at last we can bring Jenni’s warm minimalist signature style to our own space — she just launched her very first home collection.

The 30 items in her new line come in cushy, ultra-luxe materials like alpaca and shearling, all in a dreamy neutral palette. It’s just the pared-down, singular Jenni Kayne aesthetic you might find in Jenni’s own abode. In fact, the pieces were inspired by some favorite home finds she’s collected over time — and the photos you see here were shot and styled at her house! They’re enough to seduce us into another pinning spree, and a buying spree, too, especially with the holiday season right around the corner.

As if there was ever any doubt, it’s now abundantly clear — Jenni has just as much of a way with interiors as she does with wardrobe staples. Below, we ask her what’s flying off the shelves, how the collection came about, and what her top local L.A. haunts are these days. Read on — and keep an eye out. The line could be rolling on into your city via Airstream very soon…

Jenni Kayne Home Collection | EyeSwoon
Jenni Kayne Home Collection | EyeSwoon

Tell us about the Jenni Kayne Home Collection and the evolution behind it.
I have always been passionate about interiors and have loved the process of designing my own homes and stores. For years it’s been the thing that people ask me about most. With my line, I have been narrowly focused on apparel and accessories for the past decade, but my team finally convinced me that launching my own home collection was a smart move for us. I think our customer sees us as a place to find pieces for every facet of their life, so I am happy to be able to really offer that now with our home collection.

Your collection is inspired by your favorite pieces. How did you translate the designs and decide on the materials?
I knew I wanted to use alpaca and shearling—I love to use them in our collection and in my home, especially during this time of year. We also thought a lot about what essentials really make an impact in a space. We landed on a really tight edit. Luxurious throw blankets, pillows in a few key sizes, and some travel accessories. As far as the candles go, I took inspiration from California and from nature. Narrowing down the scents was about making sure we had a beautiful scent for every room in the home. Basil for the kitchen. Cedar for the living room. Musk and currant for the bedroom and bath.

How would you briefly describe the ethos of the home collection?
We recently interviewed the interior designer Pamela Shamshiri for Rip & Tan and something she said really stuck with me: “the small things that you interact with on your day to day are the most important…these tell your story and are a collection of your experiences in life until now.” I tried to approach designing our home collection with the same thoughtfulness. I wanted to design pieces that balance both form and function and make a small but significant impact on a person’s everyday life.

Jenni Kayne Home Collection | EyeSwoon
Jenni Kayne Home Collection | EyeSwoon
I have always been passionate about interiors and have loved the process of designing my own homes and stores. For years it’s been the thing that people ask me about most.
Jenni Kayne Home Collection | EyeSwoon

Tell us about the artisans and manufacturers you chose to create your designs.
Our alpaca is made in Peru by a cooperative owned by a mother and her daughters. It’s sheared under strict practices to ensure the alpaca animal is never harmed. Our candles, meanwhile, are hand-poured in a Los Angeles facility that employs and empowers adults living with disabilities. They’re made with natural, simple ingredients.

Who is the quintessential Jenni Kayne woman?
I think she is anyone who values quality over quantity, wants to be comfortable while still wearing really special, beautiful clothes, and needs or believes in a personal uniform. While my home items would work in a variety of different environments, I think they’ll attract a people who appreciate California interiors and a warm, minimalist look.

Biggest source of creative inspiration?
Probably nature. I love to ride horses, hike, and spend time in our home in Lake Tahoe. I just feel grounded and happy when I am outside. I try to bring that beauty into our collection through the durable, natural textures, soft colors, and simple shapes.

Jenni Kayne Home Collection | EyeSwoon
Jenni Kayne Home Collection | EyeSwoon

Bestselling pieces thus far?
Our Moroccan shearling slippers are doing really well. I think beautiful but also comfortable slippers are hard to find and these really check both boxes. They’re made in Los Angeles, which is also attractive to our customers!

Five items from the collection you feel truly represent the brand?
The felted alpaca color-block blanket is my favorite piece in the collection; it’s inspired by a vintage blanket I’ve owned and loved for years which I picked up while traveling.  

The travel accessories are also a great example of our mission to design small, everyday items with care and intention. The alpaca slippers and sleep mask and linen pouches make being away from home just a little bit easier and more relaxing. They also help make your home feel comfortable and organized. I just love them.

Jenni Kayne Home Collection | EyeSwoon

A perfect Sunday is…
Brunch and a hike with my family or a gathering with friends and family in my home. I’m so looking forward to fall entertaining; from the food to the décor, it’s a great time of year to get together and sit for hours.

Go-to local spots?
Such a big question! I just published a guide to Malibu on Rip & Tan and it reminded me how much I love the neighborhood and its community. I love Malibu Farm Café, First Point, the new Surfrider hotel, John’s Garden for sandwiches, the list goes on.

What’s next for the Jenni Kayne brand?
Our Airstream tour! We renovated a 1957 Airstream to celebrate the launch of the home collection and it’s currently making its way across the country. It’s a mobile shop filled with the new home items as well as a few of our other favorite gifts and small items. We’ll be back in Los Angeles just in time for Christmas.


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