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I first met the incredibly talented interior & prop stylist Kim Ficaro on the beach in Montauk. As we chatted, I was instantly aware of how at ease I felt as we both affirmed “it was our summer to surf!” Through sporatic run in’s at the beach we shared surf lesson tales, milestone, fears, & setbacks as though we were the oldest of friends.

Little did I know at the time, this was a woman whom I quietly admirded for many years. Kim was the style director at Domino, which I can attest was the magazine that initiated my love of interiors & design. I coveted each issue & in my memory have filed away specific shoots & design tricks. Domino & Kim somewhat schooled me in design…I still have every issue!

Later that summer, Kim came to scout my home in Amagansett for an interiors book she was shooting with Ditte Isager. Have you ever had those surreal moments when you take a step outside of yourself & realize – wow, without knowing so I dreamt this up….I set this intention & now its really happening!

The day they shot my house I had the opportunity to create along side two woman whose work I swooned over and admired for years & years! I was bursting with excitement seeing Kim in action, playing with & styling my things, as Ditta documented each moment so beautifully..…pinch me please!

The shoot was just magical and by the end of the day Kim & I both knew we would become fast friends, I felt as though I had found my kindred spirit! Kim embodies all the same passions as I do….a love of design, food, and making things beautiful.  She has such an incredibly refined eye and knows just the right mix of rustic & refined, how to create balance in a room, on a table, or in a photograph that elevates it to art – all the while remaining effortlessly layered with subtle complexities. I asked Kim if she would swoon with me and share her styling essentials, tips & tricks for creating a stunning tablescape.










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