Design 5 Swoon Worthy Things:

Kim Ficaro

Kim Ficaro is one of my dearest friends and provides me with an endless source of visual inspiration.  Her eye is without a doubt impeccable – like no other in my swoony opinion!  On a constant quest to find the unexpected magic behind the doors, traveling and bringing life to her finds through her styling work.  She styles for a range of brands including Anthroplogie, West Elm, Design Within Reach, editorials such as Bon Appetit, Bazaar, Town and Country and Elle.  She is co author and creator of the interior book “The Inspired Home, Nests of Creatives” which I was honored to have my Amagansett home was featured in. Today Kim shares the 5 Things she is currently coveting for her home!

Kim Ficaro

NAME : Kim Ficaro

PROFESSION : Prop/Interior stylist, co author of book The Inspired Home

HOME BASE :  Brooklyn, NY


DESIGN PHILOSOPHY: Keep it simple, loose, start with a base and add and texture

YOUR DECOR STYLE IN 3 WORDS: Relaxed, layered, natural

DESIGN TREND YOU LOVE?  Love everything back to the hand, ceramics, textiles, craft with a high sense of design. Lately obsessed with 70’s italian, not sure its a trend right now, but its my trend right now!

ONE YOU WISH WOULD GO AWAY? Go away preppy textiles. Hexagons, and lacquer, break away from “trends” from design “rules”

COLOR OR NEUTRAL? Neutral first, then adding color


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Kim Ficaro

YOU WILL NEVER SEE matching anything IN MY HOME all abut juxtaposition, balance.

I SAVE ON almost everything, I am a prop stylist, my job and most of my time is finding and gathering everything i love, which I use for my home. 

I SPLURGE ON   the very super special pieces, either a hand turned porcelain bowl to use as an object or a vintage japanese or african textile. Art you love!  I would say there are so so so many versions of every aspect of your home, you can now pick and choose what you want to splurge or save on.  My advice is splurge on Art, the handmade, the texture, the items that feel and are worn,  have a story, have history and not put through a machine in a factory.

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Kim Ficaro
  1. Marigold Weave Hemp Rug – they call this rug the marigold! The matriarch of the flowers, adding a burst of beauty to your floor!

  2. Electriclove Dreamcatcher – the most beautiful, amazing, dreamcatchers. Not only are they amazing symbolisms, but look amazing as wallhangings anywhere. Over the bed, over a sofa, in an entryway. Anywhere!

  3. Sawkille Stool – handmade from an amazing woodshop in Rhiinebeck NY. The best version of farmhouse and modern!

  4. Ay Illuminate by Nelson Sepulveda Lamp Shade – when you want to add a softness to lighting.

  5. OGK Safari Daybed – perfect for a corner in your home or anywhere.

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