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Labor Day: Where to Stay Outside NYC

Labor Day is just a month away, on Monday, September 5th. So if you’re looking for a change of pace — literally — from the hustle of NYC, you’ll want to book your trip, pronto. The good news is, there are a lot of scenic spots to choose from! Whether you’re in the mood for a beachy getaway out east or a woodsy retreat upstate, we’ve hunted down four striking locales that all have availability. No promises they’ll last, though — we’d suggest locking one down soon.

  1. Firelight Camps: If you feel like being in the middle of nature, but not exactly “roughing it”, glamping is the way to go — and Firelight Camps, located in Ithaca, is a fantastic option. The tents are clean and infused with colorful, cozy textiles, the sheets are high-quality and there are a range of amenities included, like breakfast, happy hour, campfires, bocce ball — and even hot showers in the bath house.

  2. Foxfire Mountain House: Heading to the Catskills? This bohemian, 100-year-old inn is definitely one to check out. Off the main road and with only 11 guest rooms, Foxfire has a special, tucked-away feel. Aside from the beautifully vintage-y rooms, the property is also home to a lily pond and bonfire pits — everything you need for a relaxing, memorable getaway.

  3. The Stewart House: Situated in Athens across from the Hudson River is the 3-story Victorian, The Stewart House. Established in 1883, it was completely renovated following Hurricane Irene but still retains its historic charm. Head out during the day for hiking and antiquing, and be sure to make your way back for dinner at Happy Jake’s, downstairs, for spectacular sunset views over the water.

  4. Ruschmeyer’s: Nestled within a wooded area of Montauk, this summer camp-inspired hotel is just as lively and cabin-like as you’d imagine. It offers free bike rentals, towels to take to the beach, and yoga in the morning. At night, the string lights on the lawn transform this hub into a sort of dreamy oasis, and with the Electric Eel disco on the premises, it’s a prime spot for nightlife.

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