• Here at swoon central we love ourselves a crafty project! Homemade soaps are a simple, swoony & squeaky clean treat for your home! As a personal touch we chose to incorporate some lovely scented lavender, dried chive flower blossoms, bay leaves & classic coco to our individual soaps; resulting in some savory, sweet & oh-so-swoony scents! Handcrafted soaps are a thoughtful & beautiful gift for friends & family. This is by far one of our favorite fall DIYs!


      • Goats Milk Glycerin Soap Base
      • Soap Molds
      • Soa[p Fragrant (Lavender, Coconut Oil, Vanilla, Rose, Almond,  etc.)
      • Dried Herbs, Flowers, + Spices (Dried Lavender, Dried Chive Flower Blossoms, Bay Leaves, Cocoa, etc.)
      • Natural Burlap Jute Rope Twine

      • Place soap base in a dish
      • Melt solid soap in the microwave until it is completely melted
      • Pour soap into individual soap molds
      • While soap is still melted, add a dew drops of preferred fragrance
      • Mix in any herbs, spices, or powders to each soap mold
      • While the molds begin to dry, gently place decorative flowers or herbs to each surface
      • Let each mold set at room temperature until your soaps are completely solid and no longer hot.
      • Pop each soap out of its mold, tie with burlap jute twine to swoonify


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