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Lessons in Grit and Glamour

Lessons in Grit and Glamour
Artistic Elegance

Magical things can happen when you’re not afraid to mix the raw and with the refined. Who would have thought to pair an Art Deco-style sofa with contemporary artwork and a rustic, rough-hewn table? Nearly nothing in the room shares the same style, yet it’s all beautifully balanced. And that’s the idea! The space isn’t striking in spite of its eclecticism, but rather, because of it. While the home doesn’t shy away from bold design choices, there is enough breathing room to respect each element, right down to elegant molding of the ceiling and archway. It’s a diverse mix, all in harmony — exactly the type of juxtaposition that makes us swoon. Below are picks in the same spirit to help you recreate the room.

By Natalie Goel
Image: Ashe + Leandro via Accento Home

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Natalie Goel

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