Live Beautiful Presale Campaign

Live Beautiful Presale Campaign


Today I am officially launching the LIVE BEAUTIFUL presale campaign.


Anyone who PRE-ORDERED the book can fill out THIS FORM to receive Exclusive unreleased pages only visible to those who order before March 2nd at midnight.  


I am so beyond proud of this book! Conceiving it, capturing it with Nicole Franzen, and traveling from New York to California, France to Copenhagen to visit homes of designers I deeply admire was an exceptional experience. Being on set in these highly personal homes styling and discussing the evolution of each space was fascinating. I love nothing more than to explore and dissect any creative journey—particularly when it comes to design. In looking at the end result, the process often seems as though it magically came together, but I want to know the how and the why. With the nuggets of information I discovered during my sojourns, I set out to chronicle my findings. It was an exciting exercise in distilling the principles at play behind some truly exceptional images. I am a sharer at heart and my goal with Live Beautiful was to unpack the personal style and clever solutions behind each space. Yes, these homes are aspirational but I want to offer practical suggestions for anyone looking to reimagine their own environment.

Beautiful design isn’t just pleasant to look at, it really does improve the quality of our lives. It stirs our emotions. The aesthetic of our homes creates a wordless expression. It can convey restraint in the quiet moments between objects. Or it can command attention—a sudden voltage—via a hybrid of contrasts. It makes us feel.

The execution of design is a study in trusting our point of view. In the mingling of pieces a dialogue begins and the language of a room takes form. One decision gently carries you to the next. Each choice reflects our individuality and shapes the alchemy of our homes.

Live Beautiful Presale Campaign
Live Beautiful Presale Campaign

Let me break down my own process. When I started planning our midcentury-modern beach house renovation I was concerned the glass home would feel too austere. I needed a solution. I found myself fixated on rope after discovering a large spool of thick-gauge vintage strands. This led me down a rabbit hole of woven 1950s Danish chairs. I put a mood board together that was exclusively rope-focused. I had no idea where this would lead but knew I was determined to find a clever use for this utilitarian material. Lo and behold, after sharing the inspiration with my architect, we conceived the rope detail that now clads the ceiling of our home. The rope was engineered in a woven pattern inspired by the Danish chair construction. It is now my favorite detail in the space.

Just as in cooking, a home is made up of simple, raw ingredients—architecture, finishes, and furnishings. Once united, they become greater than the sum of their parts. Each element elevates what sits beside it into something new. The chain reaction that leads to each decision is unique to each of us. These often-invisible steps can be unmasked and shared, kindling exploration in others. In the end, this design knowledge has the power to become nothing short of contagious.

In this exclusive preview I am sharing mood boards composed by each designer in the book. For most designers this exercise is the starting point for any project. A mood board contains snippets of overarching inspiration and takes us on a visual journey through the creative process of its maker. In these compilations, each homeowner and designer visually expressed their inspiration in the form of travel finds, art, objects, and photographs that illuminated their design pathway. Coupled with the mood boards you will also find a window into each homeowner’s psyche through a series of quickfire questions and answers. These images and insights are solely available to those who preorder Live Beautiful by March 2nd. Order the book, fill out the form, and you will receive your own exclusive digital copy of the mood boards and quickfire questions. Not only are the words and images intriguing to the eye all their own, but they also reveal the crux of the designers’ visions—and hopefully will help kindle your own creative sparks.

I am indebted to my incredible team for making this book a reality.  THANK YOU, thank you, thank you Jordana Mostel, Nicole Franzen, Nicole Toutelot, Mieke ten Have, Marissa Caputo, Sydnie Weiss, Jenna Saraco, Colin King, Holly Dolce and marketing team at Abrams, and finally Jacob and Julie and their exceptional design team at NR2154

SNEAK PEAK - the personal mood board & quickfire questions from my Amagansett home
SNEAK PEAK - the personal mood board & quickfire questions from my Amagansett home
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