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Local Lust – Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

  1. The Primary Essentials: So I am asked all the time where I love to shop for ceramics and tabletop essentials and my answer always remains the same — it is HERE. The most beautifully edited selection of curated necessities all made with the touch of the human hand by artisans. Need a beautiful vessel, bowl, candlestick, nubby linen napkin, or a gorgeous match striker? PE is the answer to your swoony needs. Epic for last minute gifts too!

    Where: 372 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

  2. Salter House is basically on my corner. The perfect, light-filled, neighborhood cafe. But my favorite aspect of this family owned and operated shop is their curation of housewares products. They sell natural and sustainable home goods— from linens to china to utilitarian household staples. As a lover of all things aesthetically pleasing, I am a sucker for shopping for a beautifully designed dust broom or watering can as I sip on my daily cortado.

    Where: 119 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

  3. Regular Visitors: I walk by this neighborhood gem on the daily when en route to the F Train. I mean, I have always loved a magazine shop which have pretty much become obsolete. Leave it to RV to crack the code to rebirth the concept in a modern way. Integrating a coffee shop, apothecary homewares, books, magazines, jewelry and more makes for a one stop shop — delivering exactly what we need in Cobble Hill. They sell Cook Beautiful to boot!

    Where: 149 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

  4. Holler & Squall: Ok, so you know the amazing fluted vintage vessel you all ask about that hold beautiful seasonal branches on my kitchen island? Yup, it came from Zak’s incredible selection of salvaged oddities in his Cobble Hill vintage shop. I would say that many of my favorite items in my home actually came from Zak’s impeccable eye. The inventory changes over weekly because the selection and pricing is that good! Pop in on the weekends and your welcome. H&S is be best hidden secret.

    Where: 304 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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Living Swoon Radar:

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