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For me, scent evokes memory like no other sensory experience. It instantly takes me back to a place and time, to a location or a person.

Recently, I was fortunate to experience the most incredible journey of my career to date, one that stirred my sense memories intensely. I was swept off my feet with a fairytale trip to Paris, courtesy of Cartier, to meet the storied brand’s insanely creative in-house perfumer, Mathlide Laurent, who created a unisex collection, Les Heures de Parfum, to celebrate Cartier’s 100 years. I will never forget the vivid memories that bubbled up with the scents Mathilde shared with me.

Creation and learning, in most any form, fascinates me. How do you get from an idea, an image, a memory, to your end product? We all have our stumbling blocks along the way, then realize that this drives us to dig deeper to create something extravagant, rich, unique. Making a meal, a design, a perfume… They all share the excitement of raw ingredients melding into something explosive and more complex. We all become master chemists of life. Matilde Laurent uses few ingredients to create robust, unforgettable scents—it’s a simple process, one that mirrors how I like to cook and create. Simplicity, not piling things on, evokes emotion … in art, relationships, meals, our minds, and yes, perfumes.

Mathilde taught me so much about perfumery in the four hours we were together in her office and laboratory. She was open, vibrant, and patient, and as she explained her process of creating The Hours collection, asked me about my own journey in creating eyeswoon.

Over a gorgeous glass pot of floral green tea, she took me though her journey, sharing the visual mood boards and narratives she created for each of the 13 scents. Mathilde is an artist first and foremost. She wants to take you on a scent journey. She wants all of your senses engaged so that you can fully appreciate what she has created, and what scent you choose to wear. She reminded me that scents hold power, and that the scent you choose will create memories in your life and in the lives of the people you love.

Personally, I was immediately intoxicated by the fresh 6th hour scent, L’Heure Brilliant VI, which Mathilde explained telegraphs love, gentleness, smiles, and freedom, through linen seed, lemon, gin and aldehydic notes.

After my day with Mathlide, I understood the euphoria she experiences when someone experiences their scent—I imagine it’s similar to the joy I feel when I create an incredible meal and share it with those I love. I don’t create it for me to enjoy; it’s for them! It’s about the process, the passion in creation, not the final result. But for Mathilde, when she finishes creating a scent, when the journey is completed for her, it is just beginning for someone else.

Photographer by Marlène Antoine & Athena Calderone


Isa Arfen Cut-Out Dress

Isa Arfen Cut-Out Dress

VI - L'Heure Brillante

VI – L’Heure Brillante

Glass Teapot

Glass Teapot

La Panthere Eau de Parfum,

La Panthere Eau de Parfum

Gianvito Rossi Plexy

Gianvito Rossi Plexy

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