Modern Mary Main4Art continually feeds my creativity. Every time I visit art fairs I feel ridiculiously inspired. Our eyes get informed in so many ways, recording everything we see. Eventually idea’s gets repurposed with our own twist! At Art Basel I was swooned by an angel sculpture in the most insane hue. I photographed it not knowing how it might re-appear one day.

Months later when compiling images for a color inspired post, I began pondering how to create something unique. That same day I took a trip down memory lane viewing images from my wedding. My grandmother, a religious woman, was ill & it was unknown if she could attend. I represented her by placing her Virgin Mary at the end of the aisle surrounded by flowers. Since then the statue has sat in the back of my moms closet.

Then it struck me! I just LOVE when various isolated moments unite. I called mom to pull out Mary; she was getting a makeover! I do hope no one gets offended…the way I see it, I am elevating & modernizing Mary in an artful way while honoring my Nonna!

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