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I’m not reinventing the wheel here.  What I’m offering is nothing new, however,  the addition of vintage Moroccan rugs is certainly a design statement I return to time & time again.  They continually add the vibrant pop of color, desired texture, & obscure pattern to an otherwise neutral room.  They also add history, warmth, & that rustic element I yearn for in the interiors I create.

The synthesis of rural, ancient rug designs juxtaposed against modern clean design makes for a surprisingly pleasing & well-matched combination. These polarizing opposites add intrigue & tension in a room…something I love!

My partner John calls me a sleuth. I am that gal who just does not like to hear NO or who is put off when things are challenging to find or too pricy. As a matter of fact it’s the challenge, the hunt of finding “it” that really incites a creative journey for me. I will spend countless hours pouring over the internet, tumbling through the portal of various sites that lead to another & another & another!

I do have a point here and I promise you will thank me for it!  When I was designing my DUMBO home I absolutely had to have a Moroccan rug for the entry.  I  specifically desired the colorful Boucherouite rag rug. Sadly, all dealers I contacted offered prices beyond my budget….so I sleuthed out and eventually found Jean Yves, a French Moroccan dealer, through Etsy.

After sifting through the Boucherouite site I ended up scoring 4 incredible rugs. All totaled less than a quarter of the price of the original rug I was eyeing! The process of seeking it out was somewhat thrilling (i know i’m a design geek) and was super simple. I sent a pay pal payment and 2 weeks later I had 4 gorgeous rugs!  Excessive, YES. Worth it, YES.  Am I swooning over my new rugs…INDEED!


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