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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I am often asked what I am giving and what I desire for mama’s day – on this weeks SWOON RADAR I have mapped out just that.  From the swooniest gift boxes, customized to suit your mamas needs, to my absolute favorite artisanal mugs to share a cuppa tea with the woman who nurtured you! The latest and greatest cooks books are always high on my list as are decor items to adorn your home – like these beautiful and naturally crafted pillows!

  1. Valleybrink Road’s Mother’s Day Gift Boxes – All of mom’s favorites sent right to her door, like California Olive Oil and Nunu Handmade Caramels, all in a beautiful box adorned with fresh flowers.

  2. Helen Levi’s Camp Mug – A splendid addition to mom’s kitchen, these mugs are the perfect amount of brown stoneware elegantly dipped in white glaze.

  3. Dara Artisans’ Center Stripe Khadi Pillow – Handmade by Injiri and soft to the touch, with a timeless black and white patchwork design.

  4. Sarah Britton’s My New Roots Cookbook – Plant based recipes inspired by the changing seasons and their harmonious relation to nature.

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