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My Audacious Fairytale

Photography by Abbey Drucker

It’s an understatement to say that I swoon a red lip. And not just any red lip, but a flame-flared lipstick from my go-to brand NARS. So, I was thrilled when they asked me to help celebrate the 20-year anniversary of their brand with their new Audacious Lipsticks. The vibrant collection is creamy and luxurious, applied perfectly after only a single stroke. If you follow my Instagram, you may have seen me take part in the Audacious campaign—definitely the highlight of my lips career! But the shoot was so much fun and so elaborate that I knew I had to share more of it on EyeSwoon, too.

I’m a big believer in indulgence across the board: in beauty, fashion, nature and food. This became the central focus of the shoot, a fairytale I hoped would seamlessly unite EyeSwoon with the world of NARS. It was all about paradox—tasting a forbidden fruit while wearing prim, delicate outfits and a perfectly applied lip…albeit a bold one—and pure fantasy, too. I eagerly slipped down that rabbit hole—as only Alice would—and let my imagination run wild: art directing, prop styling, fashion styling, all while being the canvas for NARSAudacious. It was a lot, so getting together a dream team was essential: photographer and dear friend Abbey Drucker, beautiful make-up artist Paige Smitherman, and hair maven Wesley O’Meara all helped bring this role of mine to life.

Every aspect of the shoot—the fashion frocks, flowers, and fruit—was inspired by the three lips colors I loved most. A blush pink Ryan Roche cape made for a delicate contrast with the striking Annabella red, a shade echoed by the red apples and pomegranates. An uber feminine Honor dress brought out a doll-like quality when pared with my vibrant pink Michiyo lip and rosy cheeks, as I sat lost amidst pink berries. And, finally, the vixen Liv wine-colored shade acted as the focal point when I laid out in the grass amongst wild mushrooms, decked out in an ethereal white dress.

Just before the days end, I broke into a pomegranate for a nibble and, with hands stained from the juices, we were inspired to capture one last shot: me as a wild sleeping beauty, resting in a trance on my picnic table.  The perfect end to our twisted fairytale, thank you NARS for letting my imagination run wild…

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