My sincerest apologies for not personally & abundantly swooning you as of late. I have been in the midst of a renovation, as I live within my apartment in Dumbo, and it has fully consumed me! Rather than remaining distant I though i’d share my excited & dusty mayhem with you!

The direction for the home is for it to feel elegant & sophisticated with a mix of oddities and unique pieces that gives the space an edge.  I’m always seeking that balance….a little bit of glam and a little bit of grit. I love playing with contrasting elements as they add a curiosity to a room which makes me swoon. The architecture is modern & industrial, with a metal stairway leading to the 2nd floor and a double height concrete wall, so injecting warm & textural elements seemed necessary.

My most exciting purchase for the PH was finding a Dunbar tufted sofa on Ebay…score!!!  I chose to recover the sofa in a muddy grey tone silk velvet….very lush and the perfect starting point and anchor for the living room. 


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