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New Coffee Table Books for a Spring Refresh

Now is the time for some spring cleaning and redecorating. So in the midst of it all, don’t forget to give your coffee table book collection a little love! Not only are the oversized tomes filled with inspiration, they’re also an easy way to adorn your tabletop. (As you may have noticed, you can always find ‘em piled high in in Athena’s own home.) These enticing new releases would be worthy additions. Plus, they’d also make great gifts for your mama — because lest we forget, it’s almost May, which means Mother’s Day is right around the corner.

  1. Advanced Style: Older and Wiser: The second edition is here! As a follow-up to the bestselling first volume, street style photographer Ari Seth Cohen is back with a new book celebrating the creativity, confidence and self-expression of women of a certain age.

  2. Edgar Degas: A Strange New Beauty: You may be familiar with Degas’ beautiful ballet paintings, but lesser known are his mesmerizing works in monotype, which are the focus of this book. It was created to accompany the current exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art.

  3. Personalities: Who doesn’t love peering into the homes of creatives? This book by Swiss modular furniture maker USM does just that in exploring a variety of spaces that all feature their classic designs.

  4. Vogue 100: A Century of Style: A look at the pages of British Vogue from the past century, including some of the most iconic faces, journalists and photographers of the time. As far as fashion-focused coffee table books go, it doesn’t really get more quintessential than this.

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