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Now Coveting: Copper

Every metal has its day. And these days, it’s copper’s turn to shine, pun intended. It seems everywhere we turn, we’re confronted with more and more of these covetable metallic items. The material has quite possibly the strongest presence when it comes to furniture and homewares, but we’re also seeing swoony examples of the hue in everything from beauty to clothes and accessories. Honestly, the only hard part of putting together this wishlist was cutting it down to size! With the holidays coming up not so far off in the distance, you’re free to shop your favorites now — or send your list off to Santa. The warm, shiny material makes for very merry gifts, indeed.

Now Coveting: Copper
Tray Chic

Kapona Tray Table

We love the sleek form of this sophisticated side table. The tray is removable, making it great for entertaining.

Green With Envy

& Tradition Green Copper Vase by Lex Pott

The combination of polished and oxidized copper make this vase a work of art.

Long and Lean

Doma Flatware

Elegant, elongated flatware to elevate any table.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Kontextur X3 Watering Can

Here’s a watering can you can proudly leave lying around!


Eric Trine Rod + Weave Chair

Every detail of this handcrafted chair feels considered, from the color and materiality of light leather and copper to the woven design and streamlined frame.

She’s a Beauty

Votary Cleansing Oil

We’ve heard so many rave reviews about the cleansing oil trend. Votary comes in the prettiest emerald apothecary bottle and is filled with fragrant botanicals.

Now We’re Cookin’

Mauviel Copper Round Pan

When we think copper cookware, Mauviel is one of the first brands that comes to mind. We covet their entire copper collection.

Sparkle In My Step

Copper Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers

How perfect are these Chuck Taylor All Stars for the holiday season?

Play in the Dirt

Truella Grafa Trowel

There is nothing like the patina of metal. Each trowel is handmade using reclaimed copper, among other materials.

Form and Function

Hawkins New York Mara Marble and Copper Paper Towel Holder

Good design can make even a paper towel holder dazzling.

Small But Mighty

Casa De Perrin Design x A Question of Eagles Copper Salt Spoon

The perfectly round scoop and ultra-delicate handle make this one sweet little spoon.

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