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One for You, One for Me Gift Guide

It’s a fact of gift-giving: sometimes the items we obsess over for friends and family find their way into our own, personal shopping baskets, too. And it makes sense — often the reason we think a potential present is worthy of our loved ones is because it caught our own eye in the first place.

So for those truly special pieces, we say embrace it. After all, what are the holidays without a little indulgence? So in the spirit of investing in gorgeous gifts for ourselves and others, here we present 10 items at the tippy-top of our lists. Some we have, others we want, but all, without a doubt, we so swoon.

By Natalie Goel

One for You, One for Me Gift Guide
Subtle and Streamlined

Jenni Kayne x Victoria Morris Angled Vase

Here’s the beauty that results when two favorites join forces.

Good Chemistry

Grown Alchemist Body Cleanser

It’s striking accents like this cleanser that make the bathroom look and feel luxurious.

Knotty and Nice

Luke Bartels Live Edge Cutting Board

Sometimes nature does it best. These cutting boards were designed to respect the bark and character of the sustainably-harvested wood.

Simply Stunning

Eric Bonnin Ceramics Kam White Pitchers

The clean, matte finish on these pitchers lets their elegant forms shine.

The Grind

Tom Dixon Stone Mortar and Pestle

Tom Dixon proves once again that with good design, even the most basic kitchen tools can be captivating.

Canvas Cot

OGK Portable Daybed

This daybed isn’t just statement-making, it’s also incredibly versatile. It can be used indoors or out, as a cot, chaise or sofa substitute.

Let Them Eat Cake

AHeirloom Walnut Cake Stand

Here’s a simple, impactful pedestal to complement any cake.

Luxe Llama Wool

Homelosophy Ivory Wool Striped Pillow

Last time we touched this pillow, you could barely pry us away from it. Crafted from fine merino and llama wool, it’s incredibly soft and silky.

The Ultimate Indulgence

Ugg Toscana Bed Blanket

Okay, so gifting one of these lavish blankets to both yourself and others may be ambitious. But with super-soft sheepskin on one side and wool on the other, it’s decidedly one of the warmest, most decadent covers we’ve encountered.

Do-Good Gifting

Be Home Horn Tumblers (Set of 2)

Mixing textures is a key way to add depth to tabletop decor, and these horn tumblers would do so beautifully. Along with the entire offering at Accompany, they’re ethically sourced and one of a kind.

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