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Our Favorite Fall Activities

  1. Storm King Art Center (Mountainville, NY) – Named after the neighboring Storm King Mountain, this 500 acre outdoor museum space is sprinkled with some of the coolest modern sculptures of our time, including works by our faves Alexander Calder, Isamu Noguchi, and Sol LeWitt. It’s the ultimate way to get your outdoor and culture fix in one shot.

  2. Apple & Pumpkin Picking at Greig Farm (Redhook, NY) – Though we may have outgrown it, apple and pumpkin picking never gets old. Greig Farm is especially perfect for our adult interests, with one of the wider selections of pick-a-bles, including peas, flowers, and every kind of berry. It’s a Swooner’s dream!

  3. Winery Tour at Kontokosta (Greenport, NY) – Sitting on a quarter-mile of Long Island Sound waterfront, this sixty-two acre grape haven is the perfect place to indulge in a drink or two. The spot is ideal for a romantic getaway or a weekend breather with your best friends.

  4. Eagle Street Rooftop Garden & Farmer’s Market (Greenpoint – Brooklyn, NY) – There are so many farmer’s markets in our area that it’s rare for us to turn heads at the sight of a new one, but Eagle Street is truly different. Sourcing straight from their in-house garden, which rests atop a warehouse three stories above the East River, the market offers the best selection yet of just-harvested organic vegetables.

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