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Flowers are of course beautiful in and of themselves, but add a talented artist to the equation and the results can be beyond swoony. And while it’s always a good time for blooms, now is especially appropriate since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. So whether you’re shopping for yourself (a practice we fully support), your girlfriends, guy friends, mom or significant other, we suggest you keep these experts in mind. Read on for some of our favorite flower whisperers.

By Natalie Goel

  1. Putnam & Putnam
    As dear friends of EyeSwoon, you may have seen the work of Putnam & Putnam owners Darroch and Michael Putnam around here in the past — we collaborated on a holiday feast, wine-tasting launch and more. It’s no secret we adore their dusky, romantic creations. In addition to partnering with little ol’ us, they’ve also worked their floral magic for Vogue, Cartier, Barneys New York and a whole host of others. If you’d like to see more of them live, stop by their 5th Avenue outpost. And for online orders, check out their site.

  2. Fox Fodder Farm
    Rustic and elegant is always a good idea. And the ever-effortless Taylor Patterson, creator of Fox Fodder Farm, is a master of the loose, artfully-organic arrangement. So obviously, we’re fans. Taylor’s creations have appeared in an Honor runway show, at Aesop and in countless publications. Visit her shop to order florals — or even candles, salve or handmade soap.

  3. James’s Daughter Flowers
    You may remember Brooklyn-based florist and freelance writer Lisa Przystup from our joint jaunt to a Connecticut garden last fall. Her arrangements tend to have a lush, fresh-from-the-garden look we love. And we’re hardly the first to take notice — her clients have included the likes of Phillip Lim and Ulla Johnson, among others. She’ll be out over Valentine’s Day for her honeymoon (wish her congrats!), so if you’re interested in her work, we suggest you either act fast or catch her when she gets back.

  4. Flower Girl NYC
    A longtime favorite! From Proenza Schouler to The Guggenheim to the Four Seasons, Denise Porcaro, Flower Girl NYC founder, has partnered with too many high-profile clients to count. We were delighted to visit the flower market together, take a tour of her Lower East Side storefront and get schooled on her flower-arranging tips awhile back, and we’ve certainly continued to swoon her work and her shop since then. If you’re in the market for just about anything flower-related, like arrangements, bouquets, flower crowns or boutonnieres, head on over to her site.


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