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Pharmacy Gone Chic: Botanica Bazaar

Photography by Sarah Elliott

New to the far East End of Long Island in my hometown of Amagansett, New York is Botanica Bazaar, a modern-day, holistic apothecary for organic skincare, beauty and wellness. Located right in Amagansett Square, the charming center of the town, it’s such a welcome addition to the neighborhood! Owners Leilani Bishop and Bethany Mayer, who are two of my dearest friends, stock all the beloved natural brand mainstays, including the lovely Shiva Rose line, Tata Harper and Goop by Juice Beauty. But the outpost also goes well beyond beauty. There are tonics, toothpastes, anti-itch salves, organic supplements to aid in sleep or digestion, and even an entire section devoted to esoteric goodies like spirit animal tarot cards and astrology. The entire store is thoughtfully presented in a minimal environment designed with natural materials like unfinished plywood in a geometric, triangular composition set against crisp, clean marble, highlighting the product.

Botanica Bazaar is modeled after a French-style pharmacy, but the chic shop is truly a culmination of its owners’ talents and vision; Leilani is a former model, and she’s also a native of Kauai, which helped instill in her a love of nature. This fondness led her to develop Leilani Bishop fragrances, a suite of floral-inspired fragrance oils also sold at the store. Bethany Mayer has a retail background — she is the mastermind behind clothing label and store Surf Bazaar.

Look, we all turn to our female tribe for advice, whether that be to improve our wellness, or with questions surrounding parenting, digestion or astrology. The leader of my personal tribe has been Leilani for well over 8 years — she is my girl and the one I turn to for friendship, support, to engage in new moon ceremonies with and just generally, for overall wisdom. It makes me so proud that she and Bethany, who is a visionary and fierce in her own right when it comes to branding, merchandising and all-around business savvy, have joined forces. Together these powerful ladies (and mamas!) are offering their expertise in all things natural to the greater tribe — making our wellness and beauty routines that much more swoony.

Botanica Bazaar

Leilani Bishop and Bethany Mayer


Can you speak to the initial vision of Botanica Bazaar?

We wanted to emulate a French pharmacy, with our twist of how we live, which is natural and organic.

How did the store come about?

Very serendipitous, we both happened to have the same vision that came together over coffee in the Amagansett Square.

How would you describe the store to someone who has never been to it?

We are a health, wellness and beauty store, from your daily rituals to your specialty items, such as ingestibles, makeup and tinctures.

This is familiar territory, yet a new endeavor for you both. Can you speak about your backgrounds?

Bethany comes from a background of retail and fashion design and Leilani comes from fashion and beauty, yet were both raised healthy and organically.

Tell us about being an entrepreneur. What was it like stepping into the unknown?

Since we both had been working independently as entrepreneurs, it was a relief to come together and combine our skills and knowledge in a common interest.

The store is broken into a variety of holistic and organic categories. How did these categories come about?

We both brought brands and categories to the table and then listened to the customers needs and the marketplace.

Can you share the categories within the store, plus an example of what you sell in each?

  • Wellness: The Beauty Chef, a probiotic-based ingestible brand, and Sun Potion powders.
  • Beauty: Tata Harper, Immunocologie, Pratima, Shiva Rose.
  • Daily Rituals: Theodent toothpaste, Agent Nateur deodorant, Reverie hair care.
  • Remedies: Peaceful Mountain homeopathic remedies, Good Body Product salves, Rescue Remedy.

What did each of your past individual experiences brings to the table?

I think because we had three months to open that if we did not have our experiences in starting and running businesses, we probably would have not made that deadline.

What have you each learned from one another? And how do your roles differ?

Leilani had more knowledge of product and Bethany has a strong business background, which was the perfect combo, and we have both become stronger in those areas.

You are both full-time Amagansett locals — how has the community embraced you?

It has been extremely rewarding and we have gotten such great feedback, it has made it all worthwhile! We are loving every minute!

Best-selling products? What is flying out the door?

The great thing is that each category has been performing so well, so it would depend on the category really. But in beauty, Tata Harper, Pratima, GOOP by Juice Beauty, to name a few that sell well.

Were there any items that have been surprisingly well received?

The ingestible category is new to a lot of people, but they have all been embracing it!

I imagine this has been an education for you both – what have you learned? What do you now swear by?

We have learned so much from our vendors it has been like a private education and we are loving it! We swear by all of our ingestibles, especially the mushroom and bee products we carry.

Can you each share your personal beauty routines and rituals?

Smoothies are a big part of both our rituals, a good bath soak after a long weekend of work and play in the sun, and a nightly face mask.

What are your new and fave skincare products that you use at home?

Bethany uses Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever by Living Libations, with a face brush and Zippity DewDab for blemish treatments. Followed by Goop Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer.

Leilani uses Tata Harper’s Regenerating Cleanser followed by Goop’s Exfoliating Instant Facial and Pratima’s Pearl Cream.

Did motherhood play a role in your awareness about toxins in beauty products, or are about wellness in general?

Absolutely. We were both personally aware of what we put in and on our bodies, but it went to another level when you consider what you are giving children as they are forming and developing, physically and habit-wise.

Amagansett has so many new and exciting happenings. Can you share a few of your favorite local spots?

Jack’s Stir Brew CoffeeBeth’s FlowersBalsam Farm StandCavaniola’s Gourmet Cheese Shop.

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