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Power Color Combo: Black and White

By Natalie Goel
Graphic by Jenna Saraco

Black and white — it’s the power couple of the color combo world. Timeless is not a term we throw around lightly, but the pairing of these two hues deserves it. And to that list of descriptors we’d even add seasonless, dramatic and high-style. Black and white has been a go-to tonal duo across creative industries for everything from fashion magazines, to clothing itself, to interiors to photography. Somehow, it even manages to make food look chic.

The color combination is playing a starring role in the design of Athena’s new townhouse, so we wanted to pay homage and round up a few finds and images currently inspiring us. Check it all out below — it’s hard to get any simpler or more striking!

Power Color Combo: Black and White | EyeSwoon
Coco Lapine Design Shelves

Stunning shelf design in the tightly-controlled palette, with plenty of movement and texture.

Image via Coco Lapine Design

Photo by Sarah Elliott

High-contrast macaroons look dark and decadent in our post An Indulgent Sensory Experience.


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This post was contributed by Natalie Goel of Like Fresh Laundry.

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