As a mama I get to relive all of the yummiest memories of childhood. For the past 10 years Halloween has been at the top of that list—it’s one of my absolute favorite fall holidays.  Visiting the pumpkin patches and carving jack-o-lanterns with my boys has been a long swooned-over family event. But those kiddie days have come to a screeching halt as my little guy has suddenly outgrown his pumpkin carving days. While those memories will always be tender in my heart, it’s time to rethink my décor mode for Halloween, one that reflects this newfound maturity and can work for those of us with older kids or no kids at all.

Last year—before the transformation fully set in—Jivan and I took to glamming up our pumpkins with metallic thumbtacks and drip paint on EyeSwoon.  Admittedly, I had a bit of anxiety about this spooky season in terms of how to top last years chic (but fun!) pumpkin endeavor.  I finally found an equally swoonworthy solution when I came across some stunning autumn-hued flowers at the local market. With a bright white pumpkin serving as my unexpected vase, I elevated the Halloween classic to a floral centerpiece.  All it took was a simple carving and cleaning out of the pumpkin, and the insertion a short glass cylinder inside the cavity.  Within moments I had an oh-so-elegant focal point for my fall tablescape. And it even got the seal of approval from my now pre-teen: “Mom – that’s soooo sick!”

All pumpkin designs created by Athena Calderone for EyeSwoon

Recreate your own

Pumpkin Arrangement

  • Tips & Tricks

    • Purchase a white pumpkin

      Draw a 5 inch diameter at the top of your pumpkin

      Simply carve and clean out the guts & seeds of your pumpkin

      Insert a short glass cylinder vase inside the cavity.

      Fill the vase with water and arrange your flowers


      A few floral arranging tips…..

      Remember to start any arrangement with greens – I began with seeded eucalyptus to create a loose – free form shape. I then clustered a variety of seasonal blooms trying to leave flowers in as natural of a state as possible.

      Also remember to spin your arrangement to get a full read. Lastly, don’t be afraid to go a little wild.

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