Rattan Is Having a Major Moment—Here’s How to Bring It Home

Nothing comes close to the look and feel of handmade objects. There’s an energy exchange between the material and the maker that yields an emotional response both visually (in the way it attracts the eye) and physically (in how it transforms a room). Rattan wicker is certainly one of those crafts that have always inspired me. I’m especially drawn to vintage rattan furniture and décor for their ability to infuse soul into a space. Their natural woven texture always adds much-needed juxtaposition against the slicker, smoother surfaces in a room—and that tension is so crucial in design.

You can see this throughout Athena’s homes from the rattan floor lamp in her Brooklyn living room to the sculptural vintage rattan chair in her Amagansett home (and you’ve probably noticed the rattan lampshades and stools scattered throughout both too!), it’s clear this humble material is treasured by the multi-disciplinary designer.

Rattan Is Having a Major Moment—Here’s How to Bring It Home
Rattan Is Having a Major Moment—Here’s How to Bring It Home
Rattan Is Having a Major Moment—Here’s How to Bring It Home

If you’re feeling inspired to bring this ancient beauty home, here are four tips to get you started on your rattan journey:

    1. Mix and Match

      Swap out old lampshades for the rattan variety to add texture, materiality, and warmth to a space. You can find inexpensive shades on Etsy, Chairish, and even eBay and it’s usually very simple to change the shade. Just be sure to take down all of the measurements along with the style of shade you’re looking for before you start the search—is it a clip-on shade or can the new shade just sit on top? If it’s vintage, always ask for more photos if the images don’t show how it attaches to the lamp. 

    2. Take the Alice in Wonderland Approach

      Experiment with scale and proportions by affixing small rattan shades to large lamp bases and vice versa. This fusion creates a fun visual exploration for the eye not to mention depth, character, and a ton of personality.

    3. Don’t Be Afraid of Heights

      Play with varying heights and verticality to bring dimension and visual interest to your space. Take the rattan lamp on Athena’s Amagansett kitchen counter—this breaks up the clean lines of the marble shelving behind it while its woven finish brings touchable texture to the slicker surfaces. Another option is to bring in a large statement piece of furniture like Athena’s sculptural rattan chair in the Amagansett living room to juxtapose the low Mario Bellini Camaleonda sofa. This high/low mix lets your eyes do the talking as you flit from one piece to the next, letting your natural curious nature lead the way. 

    4. Infuse Old With New

      In my experience, vintage pieces always inject a sense of depth and an unspoken language that cannot be replicated and it doesn’t have to cost you either. The beauty of rattan, aside from its natural texture and color, is the price. You can usually source both vintage and new rattan furniture, stools, and rattan lampshades for a very reasonable price on Facebook Marketplace and Etsy—as always, the treasure hunt is worth it! 

Nicole Franzen
Nicole Franzen
Rattan Is Having a Major Moment—Here’s How to Bring It Home

Above all, let your eye lead the way, experiment, play, and find joy in tracking down pieces that excite you to personalize your home. And since we love that process too, we sniffed out a few rattan pieces online to get you started—happy shopping!

Shop Our Favorite Rattan Furniture Below:

Vintage 1970s Rattan Lamp Shade

There is nothing quite like the aged patina of a vintage piece. Put this rattan lampshade on an old lamp base and give it a new life.

Chandelier Size Rattan Lampshades

These mini lampshades would look great on a curvy wrought iron base.

Large Vintage Handwoven Rattan Pendant 

Look for rattan in different shapes and forms to keep the eye guessing throughout your space.

Wood woven Rattan table light

This is the perfect table lamp for a home office or kitchen.

Mid-Century Danish Modern Brass Rattan Table Lamp

Double the fun—there's one for each nightstand on either side of your bed.

Restored Vintage Three-Strand Round Full Pretzel Rattan Lounge Chair

This one is an investment but rattan is a classic that stands the test of time so you know this will never lose its value.

Vintage Rattan Mr Style Armchair by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe

A unique statement chair has the power to elevate any room but especially when it's Mies Van Der Rohe.

Crate & Barrel Artesia Natural Rattan Charger Plate

Don't dismiss the big box stores for unique rattan pieces. This charger is a gateway to rattan if you're still on the fence. It immediately makes every meal feel special.

Crate & Barrel Artesia Natural Napkin Ring

These napkin rings feel perfect to set the table for a spring/summer gathering outdoors.

Crate & Barrel Artizan Rattan Cheese Knives, Set of 3

Your cheeseboard never looked better.

Crate & Barrel Artesia Natural Round Rattan Tray with Handles

A chic rattan bowl for all of your summer fruits.

Target Opalhouse Rattan Basket

This rattan basket will make your mess look chic.

Target Threshold Warwick Library Cabinet

This affordable rattan cabinet has a lot of vintage appeal.

Sagebrook Home for Target Rattan Round Accent Table

For your living room or bedroom, this rattan accent table is a minimalist's dream.

East At Main for Target Dover Rattan Dining Chair

This rattan chair has so much vintage appeal.

CB2 Small Burnt Rattan Planter

Bring a little rattan home with this textured planter.

CB2 Como Rattan Counter Stool

Upgrade your kitchen island with these rattan counter stools and bring that earthy, natural texture home.

CB2 Rixo Loop Faux Rattan Dining Chair

This dining chair is made from faux rattan which means it's safe from any spills at dinner time.

CB2 Palomino White Table Lamp

If you don't want to go the vintage route, opt for this simple table lamp with elegant rattan shade.

CB2 Boomerang Dining Rattan Tub Chair

This is the perfect outdoor chair for summer.

Paul Mayan Rattan Lamp

Track down unique vintage shapes like this floor lamp to add visual intrigue to your home.

Rattan Madras Lantern 

This rattan pendant would look incredible hanging above a dining table—instant mood!

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