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Classic Tart Brisee

Chef Natasha Pickowicz
Classic Tart Brisee


Yields: 3 10″ pie crusts

22.5 oz all-purpose flour

6 g kosher salt

12 oz butter, cubed evenly and cold

~200 g ice cold water (about 1 cup)


Combine all dry ingredients in a food processor and pulse to blend. Add cubed cold butter all at once and pulse until combined. Butter should be about the size of a hazelnut, with smaller pea-sized pieces too. Jogging the pulse button as fast as you can, stream in the ice cold water onto the blade until dough starts to climb up the sides of the bowl.You may not need all of the water. The mixture should look like damp breadcrumbs, with some larger pieces of butter. Do not add too much water! Dump brisee crumbs into bowl and refrigerate so it can continue to hydrate. It is hydrated enough when you cangently fist a small handful of dough crumbs and bring it together into a mass, but knock it back into a crumb-like state with a poke of a finger. Anything stretchy or dense contains overworked gluten and should be thrown away. If it feels powdery or dry, you can dunk the tips of your fingers in ice water and flick your fingers over the surface of the crumbs.Pack in plastic in discs weighing 14oz, pressing out the extra air with a rolling pin. Refrigerate overnight before rolling out.

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