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I’m happily home from a holiday in Tulum, Mexico where the singular goal was to spend quality time with my family and more than anything, relax! The beauty of Tulum is its rustic, no frills nature. No luxury resorts with 4 star service, no TVs, no internet service… just palapas built of natural elements and nestled on the beach. Perfect for relaxation. And what might be most amazing is the community for children and parents alike. Nothing is better than watching Jivan spend his days in a tribe of kids, exploring the jungle, playing hide and seek from day to night, making bows and arrows…they play,I mean really play!

My days in Tulum consist solely of the bare essentials. Food. Water. Sun. Family. Friendship. (Ok, perhaps tequila, too!) I can spend hours reading under my sunhat, taking long swims and hopping from sunbed to sunbed visiting friends – always making sure to keep myself protected from the strong sun. Which is why I swear by Clinique sun products! Their Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen is perfectly hydrating as it protects my body and the 45 SPF Targeted Protection Stick is amazing for delicate skin – easily targeting your fragile eye area, nose, and ears. The on-the-go packaging is brilliant – perfect for throwing into your bag so you can reapply all day. The enhanced UVA defense that guards against premature aging is truly what makes it a swoon essential!

The little things we do to take care of ourselves while in Tulum, always makes me reflect on the larger need to make small changes that have a greater impact on the world. This couldn’t have been more clear than one morning in Tulum when that roving group of jungle-loving children (my own included) spent the morning cleaning up the awful abundance of plastic and garbage that had washed up on the beach after a big storm. Seeing them making that choice, inspired me to join in. Suddenly a chain reaction of goodness spread down the shoreline. Hundreds of piles of plastic bottles, caps, straws and waste later, the beach was pristine. Did we solve the problem? No. But we were able to inspire each other to start the year making positive differences in the world. In that moment I vowed to make 2014 less about plastic in the Calderone household. Plastic pollution is destroying our oceans and killing our sea life!

In Tulum, this change became my focus. And in addition to considering wastefulness, I contemplated betterness. I was led to feel clean and healthy from the inside out. Green juicing and fresh veggies were in abundance and I became swooned by a vegan restaurant called Restaurare… where I indulged in the most flavorful and delicious food made with the love of Tulum. The owners of Restaurare have created a sustainable concept and design, sourcing local and organic ingredients and fusing them into recipes from around the world to make amazing vegan dishes in a perfect jungle setting. Meat eaters around the world, I am telling you, you will be beyond swooned!

And while I had not intended for this New Year’s post to be about taking an active role in improving the world one small step at a time, like most Eye-Swoon posts I felt magically led to this conclusion. I am committed to not losing this resolution, and will continue to better my life and make a change in the world around me to inspire others. Goodness spreads. Let’s all vow to be responsible – take a moment to reset, slow down – take an active role in taking care of ourselves and our earth – protect & hydrate our skin with the help of Clinique products, nourish our bodies by eating cleaner, local food and veggies, and be active in bettering our precious mother earth by making impactful changes in our home, raising awareness, encouraging, inspiring & effecting change.





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Clinique 'Sun' Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Body Cream

Clinique ‘Sun’ SPF 50 Body Cream

S'well 'Classic Shimmer' Water Bottle

S’well ‘Classic Shimmer’ Water Bottle

Clinique 'Sun' Broad Spectrum SPF 45 Advanced Protection Stick

Clinique ‘Sun’ SPF 45 Protection Stick

Serape Striped Blanket

Serape Striped Blanket

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