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Room Swoon: Shop My Bar Cart

Room Swoon: Shop My Bar Cart

If there’s one thing we never shy away from at EyeSwoon HQ, it’s a design challenge. We revel in the struggle and the uncomfortability of the tension that it brings because as the old adage goes, nothing in this life that’s worth anything comes easy—and therein lies the beauty! My mind thinks it yearns for serenity and calm, but truth be told it feels the most invigorated and alive when it’s amidst that push and pull, that friction, and resistance that only good design can summon. Our latest design challenge? How to style a bar cart.

Now, that we are re-emerging like a chrysalis from our quarantine lives and welcoming friends back into our homes for intimate gatherings again, it’s time to give our humble home bars a visual overhaul. When it comes to styling a bar cart, approach it as you would a room. Think about cohesion & contrast, tension, verticality, depth, and meaning just as you would any other space in your home. 

Ready to get started? Follow these five tips for how to style a bar cart and welcome friends (and fun) back home! 

  1. Consider Verticality 
    Height and scale are critical styling tools in design. They keep the eye interested by providing varying layers to land upon as they scan the room. This strategy can also be applied to your bar cart. Play around with different objects from short to tall to deliver that Alice in Wonderland effect that works so well in a room on each level of your cart. 
  2. Use Ingredients as Decorative Objects 
    It’s as Athena always says: Give me a surface and I’ll give you some style. Give me fresh ingredients and I’ll give you some flavor. Give me tequila and I’ll give you some fun. Anyone who knows Athena knows that tequila is her spirit of choice. I mean, what’s not to love really? Build your bar with the spirits, liquors, and aperitifs you love, and arrange bottles together with varying design appeal, shapes, and sculptural qualities to add that visual interest. Style them in groupings as you would decorative objects keeping height, texture, and tone in mind.
  3. Add Natural Elements
    As you know, Athena loves a branch. Placing seasonal verdant and sculptural clippings into your room brings color, texture, and connection to the world around you. So, when in doubt, always turn to Mother Nature for inspiration—yes, even when styling your bar cart! Think fresh flowers and foliage brimming out of a tall glass vase or small vintage vessel, a bowl of citrus or seasonal fruit for muddling and garnishing, and living herbs in a glass of water.
  4. Don’t Dismiss Seasonality 
    We love to design and cook with the changing seasons and styling a bar cart is no different. Let the seasons be your guide when it comes to what you stock your cart with. Perhaps you prefer a port in the winter and a spritz in the summer. Switch out your liquor and spirits to suit the season. And when the flowers come out in spring, clip some from the garden or pick out some cherry blossoms from the local flower market then sprinkle a little of that natural magic into your bar cart. 
  5. Keep It Minimal
    A bar cart doesn’t have to be fully stocked at all times. The key is to edit, edit, edit, and only include the things you really love (just like a room!). So add what you love and remove what you don’t, keep your cart clear of clutter and show off only the prettiest bottles and glasses. 

I hope these tips help.

Shop Athena's Bar Cart:

This French bar cart has a modern mid-century mood. She's vintage but she feels like she is just at home in today's world as she was in the 50s.

tan marble bowl

Add texture with a marble bowl and fill it up with bar accessories or garnishes and lime slices when entertaining.

Juliska Berry & Thread Ice Bucket & Tongs 2-Piece Set

Made from beautiful mouth-blown glass, this ice bucket and tongs set is a classic in both style and function.

Ralph Lauren Isabel Cocktail Shaker & Strainer

With a crystal cup and stainless steel base, this is an elegant update on the signature shaker.

Williams Sonoma Copper Bar Tools Set

Mix cocktails with precision and style thanks to this delightfully stylish bar tools set.

Sertodo Copper Hammered Copper Boston Shaker

Bring back the Cocktails & Dreams vibes with this hammered shaker that will make you feel like Tom Cruise in Bermuda.

Gentner Design Bottle Opener

This strong, heavyweight bottle opener is designed for purpose with a designer's touch. Opt for raw steel, polished brass, brushed stainless steel, or darkened brass.

Fein Bottle Opener in Brass

This simple bottle opener looks just as chic as a decorative object on your bar cart when it's not being used.

Poglia Bone Corkscrew

Bring the touch of the hand to your bar cart with this artisanal corkscrew designed by Italian designer Max Poglia. The beautifully patterned bone handle and brass screw was designed in New York and handmade in southern Brazil.

Turnco Wood Goods Hand-Turned Walnut Muddler

Nothing beats fresh fruits and herbs in a cocktail especially when they have been muddled to release their zest and oils. This beautiful black walnut muddler is just what you need, and it'll look good doing it, too.

AHeirloom Wood & Corian Muddler

You'll be crushing it with this muddler's Corian tip as you smash the mint for your next mojito.

Richard Brendon Fluted Single Old Fashioned Glass

Drawing on the decadent cocktail culture of the Art Deco 1920s, this fluted old-fashioned glass has been mouth-blown and hand-cut by expert craftspeople in Slovenia. A modern classic.

Richard Brendon Small Fluted Coupe Glass

This elegant coupe will make you feel like you're at a Great Gatsby party in the comfort of your home.

Endlessly Elated Coupe

Hand blown and fire polished, these vintage-inspired coupes are a thing of beauty.

Century 6oz Glasses - Set of Two

Don't forget to serve water at your dinner party. These modern classics are crafted from premium borosilicate glass (used for laboratory glassware and high-end kitchenware) which means its delicate appearance is much stronger than it looks. We love the green hue, too!

Richard Brendon Fluted Small Glass Decanter

From whiskey to wine or champagne, this delicately fluted decanter will make every liquid shine thanks to its refractions that create a myriad of colours and sparkles.

Skagerak Soft Serving Board

Every bar cart needs a board for cutting up the limes, fresh fruit, and herbs, just make sure it's compact in size like this little mini version.

Solento Organic Blanco Tequila

This tequila is made from 100% organic blue agave in small batches from a single estate and it's seriously smooth with hints of citrus and notes of vanilla.

With its golden brown hue, Basil Hayden is a smooth spirit with charred oak and sweet notes of vanilla and caramel with hints of dried fruit. Perfect on ice or in a cocktail.

Brass and glass combine to create this art deco classic. Cocktail hour never looked better.

It's the cognac leather details on this brass-plated cart that really sets this design apart. It also doubles as a coffee cart in the kitchen, or in your office as a chic printing station.

When in doubt, opt for simple designs like this Parisian-inspired bar cart that pays homage to the centuries-old églomisé tradition.

This mid-century-inspired design is a total classic with its hand-polished finish and sleek curves.

Get things rolling with this modern take on the traditional bar cart. The graphic black iron with contrasting white concrete shelves make a striking combination in any space.

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