Food EyeSwoon Unplugged:

Shop Peach and Blackberry Crostatas

Shop Peach and Blackberry Crostatas
Happy Cooking!

Cook Beautful 
Cook Beautiful is where design meets food, where culinary tradition marries food styling, where home chefs become experts. These are luscious dishes to make for friends and family, with advice that will inspire you to create visually stunning, and still wholly delicious, culinary masterpieces.

Prep Prep Prep

Cuisinart Food Processor
I don’t know what Ii’d do without this handy kitchen tool!

Roll With It

Wood Rolling Pin
A classic wood rolling pin and lots of parchment paper is all I need when I’m baking this dessert!

Pastry Pals

Stainless-Steel Pastry Scraper 
If you bake often – I highly suggest a scraper. I love mine!

Lemon Lover

Wood Lemon Reamer
Easy way to get the juice out of your lemon and into your recipe!

Let’s Spoon

Measuring Cups and Spoons
I love to riff and play when I cook, but when I bake – I’m all about perfection and exact measurements

Zest for Life

Microplane Master Series Zester
No surprise a lover of bold, bright flavors would covet her zester!

Berry Berry Good

 Porcelain Berry Baskets
A clever take on a classic farmers market container!

Mix It Up

Le Creuset White Mixing Bowl 
A good mixing bowl is a pastry dough’s best friend!


Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co. Maple Cutting Board
You might recognize this chopping block if you frequently watch my EyeSwoon Unplugged series on Instagram. This kitchen staple is the silent star of every single episode – and what I get asked the most about! 

Looking Sharp

Global Chef’s Knife
This knife is sleek and sharp! There is no substitute for a high-quality knife in the kitchen. 

Taste the Rainbow

Roxanne Assoulin Patchwork Bracelets 
These colorful bracelets got lots of airtime on this week’s episode!


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