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Shop The Juiciest Chicken Skewers

Shop The Juiciest Chicken Skewers
Shop The Juiciest Chicken Skewers
Happy Cooking!

Cook Beautful 
Cook Beautiful is where design meets food, where culinary tradition marries food styling, where home chefs become experts. These are luscious dishes to make for friends and family, with advice that will inspire you to create visually stunning, and still wholly delicious, culinary masterpieces.

Salad Game-Changer

Super Benriner Mandoline
Any veggie becomes salad-worthy when elegantly sliced and diced with a mandoline. This beloved model is the one I, and myriad chefs, recommend.

Looking Sharp

Material Kitchen Knife
This knife is sleek, stylish and sharp! There is no substitute for a high-quality knife in the kitchen.

Zest for Life

Microplane Master Series Zester
No surprise a lover of bold, bright flavors would covet her zester, but it’s also invaluable for grating cheese and garlic.


Williams Sonoma Prep Maple Carving Board
Every kitchen needs a good cutting board! I especially love the lip that wraps around this one to catch any juices. 

Simple Staples

Coup Dinner Plate
Simplicity makes me swoon! This dinnerware is so perfect yet not overly precious. 

Wooden Wonders

Natural Bamboo Skewers
A chicken kabob’s best friend! Make sure to soak your skewers in water before you grill them!

Summer Style

Matteu Maxi-Dress
I love cooking in clothing that is comfy as I make a beautiful mess of my kitchen! A flowy maxi dress is a must for me.


Paint The Town Red

Essie Really Red Nail Polish
The number one question I’ve gotten since I started EyeSwoon Unplugged (besides culinary ones) has been “what color nail polish is that??” So here’s my secret!


Hoops Don’t Lie

Zimmermann Inset Hoop Earrings


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