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Each time I post an EyeSwoon Unplugged cooking video on my IG Stories I am met with a handful of DM’s asking about the resource of everything from my knives, plates, mandolin, shirt, and always my red nail polish.  It struck me last week that it might be helpful for me to dedicate a 10 essentials post, to accompany each video, highlighting all of the essential items I use to create each recipe.  Welcome to SHOP EyeSwoon Unplugged.   This shop is linked to the Cedar-Grilled Halibut with Preserved Lemon-Fennel Relish and Burst Sungold Tomatoes.

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Happy Cooking!

Cook Beautful 
Cook Beautiful is where design meets food, where culinary tradition marries food styling, where home chefs become experts. These are luscious dishes to make for friends and family, with advice that will inspire you to create visually stunning, and still wholly delicious, culinary masterpieces.

MVP, Most Valuable Pan

Cast Iron Fry Pan
There’s a reason people rave about cast iron skillets–they get ultra-hot and cook evenly. 

Calderone Stamp of Approval

DCS Appliances 36” Traditional Gas Grill with Rotisserie
The very grill Athena and her family use and swear by.

Wooden Wonder

Cedar Grilling Planks
Soak your wooden plank and then place it on the grill and cook your fave fish on it! The cedar creates a beautiful and rich-smokey flavor.  

Salad Game-Changer

Super Benriner Mandoline
Any veggie becomes salad-worthy when elegantly sliced and diced with a mandoline. This beloved model is the one I, and myriad chefs, recommend.


John Boos & Co. Maple Cutting Board
You might recognize a chopping block like this if you frequently watch my EyeSwoon Unplugged series on Instagram. My cutting board is the silent star of every single episode – and what I get asked the most about! 

Looking Sharp

Global Chef’s Knife
This knife is sleek and sharp! There is no substitute for a high-quality knife in the kitchen.

Pepper Perfection

Pepper Mill
I’ve been using this graceful, minimal mill to freshly crack pepper for years. 

All Propped Up

Oak Cookbook Stand
This cookbook stand makes following a Cook Beautiful recipe easy!

Simple Staples

Food52 Dinnerware
Simplicity makes me swoon! This dinnerware is so perfect yet not overly precious. 

Cutting Edge Cutlery 

Cutipol Goa Cutlery
This beautifully black and brushed steel flatware is slender and designed flawlessly. They are elegant yet work perfectly as an everyday set!

The Goods 

Gjusta Goods Bowl
The best bowls ever. I love cooking in clothing that is comfy as I make a beautiful mess of my kitchen!


Linen Lovin’

Hawkins NY Stonewashed Linen Napkins
Everyone knows I love me some linens. You’ll need these pretty little assistants when grabbing your cast iron pan!


A Classic

Grayson White Cotton Button Down

A classic cotton button-down is a must for me, especially in the kitchen. 


Daisy Dukes

Mother Denim Shorts
I love cooking in clothing that is comfy as I make a beautiful mess of my kitchen!


Paint The Town Red

Essie Really Red Nail Polish
The number one question I’ve gotten since I started EyeSwoon Unplugged (besides culinary ones) has been “what color nail polish is that??” So here’s my secret!


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