• I take my morning coffee ritual very seriously. There is a ceremony-like cadence and cherished monotony about my routine. I wake at 6:30am. I light palo santo, building on my ritualistic tendencies, as it sets an intention for the day ahead and awakens my spirit.  I pour myself a glass of water with half a lime and walk over to the coffee station where I grind my beans daily. There is something about both the noise of the burr machine grinding and the aroma of those fresh beans that immediately awakens my body and mind.

    Now let’s move onto the brew. I have filtered water at the ready in clear glass bottles and my favorite brass japanese scooper. 10 cups of water, 5 scoops of Lokah Dark Roast, which I store in a wood topped mason jar. Let the brewing begin! Next up is to get out the half and half, an absolutely critical component to my coffee ritual. If we are out of half and half, I simply will not even consider a cup of brew. She is, simply put, the most important component of it all — hahahaha!

    Now let’s talk design. And let’s also get real honest. I know you all think I have it together at all times with the perfectly curated images I put forth on Instagram, but truth be told, I am a bit of a disheveled, unorganized mess. I never have a place for things — papers, and bills, and linen napkins. My kitchen accessories drawers are always bursting at the seams and things are continually getting stuffed into the abyss of junk drawers.  

    Knowing this about myself, I purposely designed a coffee station that had a place for everything — and I mean everything. I am just not methodical with the placement of things so I did my best to design a kitchen pantry and coffee station that did have a section to house everything. That said, knowing I would NEVER follow my own rules, I also designed the coffee pantry to have retractable doors to close shop on that mess at any given moment! ANYWAY, I am doing my best to keep things tidy, but having a back up plan is always essential. Take away, know thyself!

    I hope you enjoy a little insight into the things I love in the AM — you all asked so here are my morning coffee essentials!

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