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I view everything through the prism of design. The aesthetic world around me is constant fuel for inspiration and every day I’m digesting and translating its beauty whether it be the design of a room or approach to an outfit. In fact, styling myself is not so dissimilar to styling the home. I believe wholeheartedly that investing in wardrobe staples is akin to the core furniture you buy for a home. Refining this perfect edit takes time but once this nucleus is established, it becomes the stylish framework from which you build upon, both in design and fashion. From there, you simply restyle, rotate, and reimagine those pieces to match your mood and the seasons. 

Just like design, fashion is a lens and conduit of self expression for me. Over the years, I have defined my core wardrobe. I often go back to the same silhouettes because they make me feel both sophisticated and comfortable in my own skin. I love that fashion can do that. From a crisp and classic white poplin dress to a form-fitting strapless, anything with a cut-out, and jeans with a crop top (always!), I gravitate towards garments that are well-constructed and timeless. I know that I can count on Mytheresa to have that really thoughtful curation with a laser-focused edit from the most coveted designers around the world. 

It might take a lifetime to discover who you are at the core, but when you craft, curate, and construct your own less-traveled path, it all just comes together— in life, design, and in fashion. 

Shop My May Edit From Mytheresa
Shop My May Edit From Mytheresa
Shop My May Edit From Mytheresa
Shop My May Edit From Mytheresa
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