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Room Swoon: My Kitchen Nook/Workspace

Words by Sacha Strebe.

If there’s any silver lining (and there are many!) from the past year and a half, it’s the heightened connection between us and our spaces. It’s safe to say, our abodes have taken on a whole new meaning with many of us still navigating the blurred lines between work and home. As remote work, flexible hours, and hybrid schedules gain momentum, the question of whether we ever return to an office full-time continues to hang in the balance. Like a lot of you reading this, I’ve been working from my dining room table this whole time and only recently invested in a rolling cart to stash away my small workspace décor so it’s clear come dinnertime. 

While Athena does have a dedicated home office on the second floor of her Brooklyn townhouse, she often works from her kitchen nook—you might recognize it from a certain best-selling book cover—wink-wink! With limited square footage, however, the key is to find small workspace décor that does double duty—functional and visually appealing. As a creative community, the latter is key. So, we rounded up some pieces for you to recreate your own inspiring home office space, no matter the size 

But first, let’s talk about the design of this space.

Room Swoon: My Kitchen Nook/Workspace
Room Swoon: My Kitchen Nook/Workspace

“It is true that many seemingly ‘simple’ decorative decisions need to be considered in the construction phase—this is especially true in minimal design.” 

— Athena Calderone

This kitchen nook/workspace area is a popular vista in Athena’s home and unsurprisingly, it received a ton of traction on Instagram after its debut on the cover of Live Beautiful (apparently it was a unanimous decision). So, what is it about this image? Let’s hear Athena break it down.

A floor-to-ceiling window is not only rare, it also adds the most alluring light as the shadows dance throughout the day. While it may seem counterintuitive to have obscured it by installing a floating “desk” in front of the expansive window, it actually punctuates the end of my kitchen. In doing so, I am highlighting the window and its backyard view.

The desk surface is another feature people seem to love. The material is soapstone and was a leftover remnant piece from the stone yard. This is a great tip as many stone yards have leftover pieces that they are willing to sell for a fraction of the price.

I also love how the horizontal surface dissects the overall vertical composition. With the overall aesthetic being minimal, I find that the decorative accessories should follow suit, keeping the look light and airy. The introduction of wood was intentional to add a touch of warmth.

In terms of how the heavy stone is supported, there is plywood bracing embedded in the drywall and a custom rectangular frame was created in the exact size of the desk. The metal frame was mounted to the sidewalls and drilled into the plywood bracing. The stone rests upon the metal frame and the face of the stone desk overhangs beyond the frame ever so slightly, concealing the metal framing.

It is true that many seemingly “simple” decorative decisions need to be considered in the construction phase—this is especially true in minimal design.

Keep reading to discover some of our favorite small workspace décor—and don’t miss our tips on how to design a home office you love. 

Shop Small Workspace Décor:

Jeanneret Floating Armchair Re-Edition

A statement chair can make any small home office feel official.

Vintage Boho Plaster Bust of Man Sculpture

Sculptures bring any space to life. Proof that small workspace décor can be pretty too.

Greek Roman Decorative Female Bust

Patina, texture—both are critical to turning any space from drab to dynamic.

Terra Cotta Female Bust

Aged terracotta always brings a touchable texture.

Decorative Male Torso

Layer your decorative objects to bring sentimentality into your workspace.

Vintage Sculpture Stargazer by David Fisher

Stone in all its forms will always have a place in our hearts and our homes.

The Great Sculpture

Vary scale, height, and dimension to keep the eye guessing as it scans the room.

Vintage Female Bust

This 1980s vintage terracotta bust is a sight to behold.

Vintage Terracotta Head Bust Sculpture of a Woman

Look for pieces with the charm of the hand that bring that touchable texture and a hint of soul.

Ancient clay pot

We just can't seem to get enough of ancient clay pots.

Vintage Jug Antique

Vary your shapes and sizes to break up the visual planes.

wabi sabi pitcher

When designing a minimalist setting, always consider each and every piece you add in.


Engage the eye by diversifying the material mix from stone to glass.

old big clay pot

The older the better.

Crate & Barrel Shinola Makers Tall White Vase

Mix smooth surfaces with textured to create a space that evokes emotion.

Montana Labelle Burnt Bobble Bowl

Stylish bowls are always a good idea.

Vintage Chiseled Travertine Mortar and Pestle

Always think outside the use case for objects, too. This vintage mortar and pestle is crafted from travertine and is just as at home in your workspace as a decorative object outside of the kitchen.

Crate & Barrel Shinola Makers White Vase with Handles

Always consider a high/low mix when styling.

Jo Malone London 11.8 oz. Fresh Fig & Cassis Diffuser

Scent is critical when designing a creative space.

Broyt Earth Vessel

Consider stylish vessels that have visual and practical purpose.


These stone bowls will sit pretty when they're not being used for stashing keys, coins, paperclips, and more.

Montana Labelle Loki Catchall

A catchall is vital on any workspace for those bits and pieces so why not make it pretty?

Large abstract canvas

Add wall art to make it feel office official but also like home.

Vintage French Found Wooden Tripod Milking Stool

A stylish stool is a great option for a small workspace -- although this vintage one is more decorative than practical and may serve better as a side table for books and planners.

Antique vintage wood stool bench

This is also a stylish option for a side table.

Old brutalist wooden tripod stool

Vintage patina makes our heart skip a beat.


Marble, always.

An Organized Life daily planner 2022

A stylish daily planner will help you to stay organized. Besides, we love a written to-do list over a digital one.

Live Beautiful

Stack inspiring books in your small workspace to reference when you have writer's block.


A waste basket can be chic too, no?

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