Spring 2017 Cookbooks to Savor

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There may be a more limited crop of cookbooks in the spring than there is in the fall, but the 2017 lineup is most certainly small but mighty. More than a few EyeSwoon favorites have penned new releases this season. Among them are Karen Mordechai of Sunday Suppers and Alison Cayne of Haven’s Kitchen, both of whom we’ve featured on EyeSwoon on multiple occasions, (for foodie gifts, black sesame ice creama dreamy dinner and award-winning latkes).

A little sneak peek — collaborations with the other two outlets you see here are hitting the site in the near future. So, consider these cookbooks not only among our most anticipated spring titles, but also a taste, so to speak, of what’s to come.

By Natalie Goel

Clockwise from top left:
  1. Simple Fare: Spring and Summer: Whether you’re a fan of Brooklyn-based food community Sunday Suppers, are simply into cooking with what’s in season, or both, like us, this cookbook is for you. Each recipe offers a bevy of alternate ingredient ideas so you can use whatever is fresh from the market.

  2. Jack’s Wife Freda: Cooking from New York’s West Village: In this cookbook, married owners Maya and Dean Jankelowitz of homey, delicious and highly buzzy Jewish eatery Jack’s Wife Freda reveal some of the restaurant’s beloved recipes. They also provide an intimate peek into its (and their) history.

  3. The Haven’s Kitchen Cooking School: Who better to teach valuable cooking lessons than the head of a swoon-worthy cooking school? Owner Alison Cayne of New York City-based Haven’s Kitchen provides not only recipes but also tons of expert techniques on cooking eggs, composing salads, layering flavors in soups, and more.

  4. Egg Shop: The Cookbook: Egg Shop, NYC’s popular all-day brunch joint, is schooling us on how to whip up their eggy creations and cocktails. From demystifying terms like “pasture raised” and “omega-3 fortified” to explaining how to properly scramble, fry and poach an egg to providing creative preparations, the cookbook offers quite the eggducation.

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