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Swoon Worthy Films | Tribeca Film Festival 2015

It’s rather refreshing how in the city I have lived and swooned in for over 15 years, I can still experience something new – NYC indeed boasts a creative soul where artists are born.  This year marks my very first experience at the Tribeca Film Festival sponsored by AT&T.  I engaged in some seriously inspiring films this past week including the 40 year celebration of a NYC cultural institution – the legacy of SNL, at last night’s screening of ‘Live From New York!’ A million swoony thanks to AT&T for providing me access to the festival and for the humor, culture, art & creativity I experienced! This magical city embraces storytelling and individuality – encouraging us all to be courageous, take risks and forge our own creative path. I encourage you to get lost in these 4 films (and more) for the final weekend of the Tribeca Film Festival!

  1. TRADITION THE BIRTH OF SAKE explores the Tedorigawa brewery in Northern Japan where sake is still made the old-fashioned way.  Director ERIK SHIRAI beautifully takes the viewer through the entire detailed process of creating the spirit behind this delicious Japanese tradition.

  2. ART – The fascinating life story of PEGGY GUGGENHEIM in ART ADDICT is one full of courageous decisions and freethinking, and is especially inspiring considering that Peggy thrived in an art world dominated by men. Although Peggy’s life was sad and tragic at times, she lived as a beautiful rebel, devoting herself completely to art. The film explores how even as an outcast, Peggy learned to trust her eye for the avant-garde, which ultimately led her to self-confidence, global respect, and most importantly, her true self.

  3. FUTURE – Contemporary artist DANIEL ASHRAM releases his third short film, FUTURE RELIC 03, in his nine part series.  The film project uses elements of design and sculpture as Ashram imagines narratives for different everyday objects, all taking place in a post-Apocalyptic earth.  With a monochrome color palette and monolithic wide shots, this film effortlessly presents itself as a beautiful work of art.

  4. CULTURE – BAO NGUYEN’s documentary ‘LIVE FROM NEW YORK!’ takes the viewer on a extraordinary retrospection of the last 40 years of New York’s most prominent comedy phenomenon, ‘Saturday Night Live.’  Through various clips, sound bites, and interviews with past and current cast members, former hosts, and the current production team, one is able to observe and appreciate the influence and legacy behind this cultural sensation.

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