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Textural Abstractions – Art in Focus

  1. I was recently introduced to the work of Anthony Pearson through a current group show at Marianne Boesky gallery in NYC.  I am beyond swooning for his textural plaster works that threaten to spill out over the wooden frame. This stunning grey and white series resembles a dense lava like flow dripping in various organic configurations.

  2. I recently purchased a dyptic of Michael Staniak’s holographic works which deceptively recall digital prints. When viewed at a distance, the paintings [which are composed of cast compound and acrylic] bear an uncanny resemblance to inkjet prints but upon closer reflection reveal texture and depth.  To fully appreciate the multifaceted works they truly need to be experienced in person

  3. I was immediately smitten by the minimalist work of Chris Succo’s crisp, cool abstraction.  The young German artist work is wide ranging yet always within a palette largely comprised of matte black and white.  Chris is definitely an artist to swoon; whose work I would one day love to collect.

  4. I recently acquired a stunning work by Hungarian artist, Kika Karadi. Her solo exhibition last year at The Journal Gallery here in Brooklyn was immediately sold out but I was fortunate enough to commission a custom painting – whoop whoop!  Karadi’s works are directly inspired by noir movies and are created by stencil-like compositions out of masking tape & cardboard – transferring compositions of black ink and paint onto linen, using glass. I have been swooned by the large scale and intricate textures on her monochrome canvases.

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