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The Clean, Cozy Bedroom

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Without fail, the shift into autumn makes us want to spend more time hibernating, reading and retreating under warm, cushy covers. And these days, the vibe we’re craving for the bedroom is both clean and cozy. Maybe it’s the Scandi design influence, maybe it’s the satisfying juxtaposition of sleek lines with warming layers, or maybe it’s simply the serene quality, but something about the restrained, cloud-like look feels flat-out dreamy at the moment. So, here we’ve rounded up all the essential elements, from luxurious organic linens to pieces that balance both comfort and simplicity. Spending a little extra time snuggled in bed is one of the guilty pleasures of the season — these pared-down pieces help make it worth your while.

The Clean, Cozy Bedroom
Breathable Bundling

Coyuchi Organic Linen Chambray Duvet Cover

Coyuchi’s new, luxe linen line is crafted from organic French flax. It’s good to the environment — and your sensitive skin.

Store in Style

The Dharma Door Small Jute Basket

This handmade, fair trade woven basket adds seaside, resort-like flair to the bedroom.

You’re Glowing

Mad Et Len Terre Blanche Candle

Nothing warms up a room quite like candlelight. Thanks to its striking design and refined fragrance, made-in-France Mad Et Len has been a favorite for years.

Sheepskin Swooning

White Long-Haired Icelandic Sheepskin

What could be cozier? Use it as a rug or a toss is on the bed as a throw.

Better with Age

Antique Wooden Round Stool

These time-worn 1930s stools could be used as nightstands or even as side tables next to a chair and add a rustic, grounding element to the space.

Brass Beauty

Visor Task Lamp

A chic little midcentury-style lamp to brighten up your nightstand or desk.

Tousled to Perfection

Coyuchi Organic Linen Chambray Sheets

Not only do we love the unfussy look of linen, we also appreciate that it keeps us cooler on warm nights and warmer when it’s chilly. Plus, this lovely, supple set is organic to boot.

Plush Life

Vice Versa Velvet Pillow

Luxe velvet always calls to us when the weather begins to cool. The color and shape of this cushion are calming and understated.

Branch Out

Glass Cyclops Vase

A subtly curved vase, hand blown by mouth, to house florals or branches by the bedside.

The Showpiece

Cherner Armchair

Clean and dramatic at once, the Cherner Armchair is an iconic piece, and one to cherish for years to come.

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