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The Ludlow

The Ludlow

Without question, I am a visual person. When my eyes fall upon a space that makes me SWOON it’s immediately burned into my memory, a flurry of sparks and ideas consume me. I am intrigued by the anatomy of a beautiful room – the various furniture choices, accessories, lighting, textures and overall composition.  When executed oh-so-right –  like the chic & eclectic lobby of The Ludlow Hotel – each separate element speaks to one another, creating synergy.  Welcome to ROOM SWOON.

Each week I will feature a swoon-worthy space and dissect my absolute favorite elements!

The Ludlow
The Ludlow
  1. Retro, Rock & Roll and ridiculously sexy!  Who’s swooning this VINTAGE DE SEDE SOFA BED as much as I am?

  2. Admittedly I had a thing for anything metallic and brutalist. This spectacular TOM GREENE BRUTALIST CHANDELIER covers all bases. Reminiscent of a jagged saw blade in its sharp edges yet stacked in an architectural composition.  This chandelier with it’s beautiful natural patina will glam up any space while casting a golden hue.

  3. I have a deeply imbedded obsession with moroccan rugs. This KASBAH WOOLD RUG  adds history, warmth & a rustic element to The Ludlow lobby while also infusing texture and an obscure geometric pattern. I swoon their imperfections and a touch of bohemian grit like this KASBAH WOOLD RUG.

  4. This ROCK N ROLL STOOL is is unique in it’s angular metalwork pattern. Raw & rustic yet high in craftsmanship – offering an information seating solution.

  5. Can we all agree that this MARSHALL AMP is a functional and genius design choice?!

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