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Ultra-Clean Laundry Room, Decoded

Ultra-Clean Laundry Room, Decoded
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So, remember when I was designing my townhouse laundry room? The goal was to make this, ahem, traditionally functional space into something a little more commanding. Something perhaps even a little…alluring? Well, I’m happy to report–it’s now complete! With a bold color combo of sultry nearly-noir, graphite, and accents of black and white, the small alcove is altogether dark and handsome, if I do say so myself.

Hey, if a washroom, the place you cleanse your body, can be a spalike spot you want to linger in, why can’t the same be true for the room in which you clean your clothes? You’ve already seen the thought process that went into creating this sleek space, so here we reveal the exact items that brought it to life. All the elements that went into the squeaky-clean makeover, unveiled below.

Photography by Sarah Elliott

Ultra-Clean Laundry Room, Decoded
  1. Farrow & Ball “Off Black”: Falling somewhere between graphite and true black, this sleek hue sets the tone for the room.

  2. Woven Black Market Basket: While woven baskets can often be just right au naturale, here the mix of black and beige provides even more punchy contrast.

  3. Menu Sweeper & Funnel Dust Pan: Black and wood, always so good. Of course Menu would make a sweeper set that’s actually beautiful.

  4. The Laundress Signature Detergent: Eco-conscious detergent in packing so pretty it’s made to be out on display.

  5. LG TWINWash with SideKick Pedestal Washer: Boom, two loads at once. Put a big load above and a few need-it-now items, like workout pants, intimates or delicates, below.

  6. LG Mega Capacity TurboSteam Dryer: You can actually use Alexa or Google Home to turn the washer and dryer on. Aesthetically though, we just love the gunmetal.

  7. Woven Leather Basket: Woven leather makes this one luxe basket and adds a touch of mixed materiality to the space.

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