Undeniably Cute Easter Succulents

DIY: Easter Egg Succulents



Easter Eggs offer a fun and playful way to get crafty this time of year. Turn your leftovers into something new again with this super-easy DIY.

I have always been smitten by succulents. Their shape offers such unique architectural beauty, and I am particularly attracted to their muted palette ranging from soft greys to subtle greens and pale purple hues. Sit them on your windowsill or turn them into a table centerpiece for your Easter feast. Their undeniable cuteness is guaranteed to swoon guests of all ages.

What You’ll Need…

Carton of eggs

A butter Knife

Mini Succulents


To Begin…

Using a butter knife carefully make a crack around the top of the eggshell. Start small and high, then empty the contents into a bowl.

Carefully chip away the shell to create an opening large enough to fit your mini succulent.

Rinse and drain before placing back in the egg carton.

Utilize your egg carton by trimming away the top and side flaps.


To Assemble …

Once you’ve chosen your mini succulents (with so many varieties have fun with color, height, and texture!) loosen from their pots, and gently place into each eggshell using the carton as your vessel.

Using the moss, gently pull apart and fill in the gaps around each egg, or create a nest for your eggs to rest.


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