How to Find Unique Vintage Vases + Vessels

How to Find Unique Vintage Vases + Vessels
How to Find Unique Vintage Vases + Vessels

If there is one thing I’ve become known for it’s my fondness for decorative branches in vintage vases. I’m constantly finding and creating beauty at home and one of the places I keep coming back to is nature—it’s a continual source of inspiration for me. A few clippings, twigs, or stems in a vase is incredibly transformative and can make a space come alive, instantly. 

And my fascination has inspired a sculptural movement with many of you seeking out my tutorials on Instagram and engaging in these natural seasonal change-overs with me. I love to share my tips and tricks on how to bring verticality into your space with branches and seeing your creations, too.

How to Find Unique Vintage Vases + Vessels

A few clippings, twigs, or stems in a vase is incredibly transformative and can make a space come alive, instantly. 

Throughout the winter I used long needle pine and a variety of verdant green branches but as spring approaches I was craving something a touch more delicate and dainty with a floral element—quince branches did the trick. An overwhelming amount of you asked me about the vintage fluted vessel I use to hold the branches. This particular vase is vintage, purchased through a local Brooklyn vintage shop called Hollar & Squall. It is about 24″ tall which works for me since I am lucky to have 12′ ceilings.  

I would say that the majority of vessels in my home are vintage and sourced through either Chairish or Etsy. I often spend hours getting lost in the hunt for unique vintage vases and vessels so below I outline a few tips, tricks, along with some keywords I use throughout my search. I have also included a shop below with a few vintage vases and vessels I found (with a few new ones in the mix too!).  

Enjoy the hunt, trust your eye, and find something unique.

How to Find Unique Vintage Vases + Vessels
How to Find Unique Vintage Vases + Vessels



I’d say 60% of my vintage vases, ceramics, and decorative objects within the home came from Chairish, It is amazing what you can find if you know a few key words for searching. I usually begin with something like:

White ceramic vase
Ceramic pottery
White pottery vessel
Ancient vessel
Textured vase
Vintage vessel
Urn or old urn
Terracotta vase or urn or vessel
Turkish vessel or urn or jug
Ceramic vase
Concrete vase
Amphora vase 

Anyway, you get it. Try numerous key words and when you find something you like scroll down to the “more like this” recommended vases. This will lead you to more new discoveries.


Esty is a game changer. I have a few favorites vendors on Etsy like this, also here, and here. Some of the key words I use to hunt for vintage vases are:

Ukrainian vessel
Turkish vessel
Clay vessel
Vintage clay vessel
Large antique clay vase
Rustic ceramic
Ukrainian pitcher
Vintage tall clay vessel
Earthenware urn
Clay vase
Water jug
Rustic olive jug
Turkish olive jar
Terracotta jug
Old clay pottery
Vintage Turkish jar
Natural terracotta
Primitive pottery
Rustic vase
Old water jug
Antique Amphora

And remember to save your favorite sellers for future use.


Do not get so fixated on finding exactly what I have or something you saw in a magazine or on Instagram. Rather, find your own version, be open, malleable, enjoy the hunt, and the discovery.

Be sure to search your local junk shops, yard sales, or estate sales, florists, Ebay (the same keywords above apply there too), antique shops, and flea markets, especially when you travel. You never know where you will find the diamond in the rough.


Shop at your local flower market for seasonal branches to fill your new vessel. I like to go to the NYC flower market on sixth avenue and west 28th street. I most often go to US Evergreen as they specialize in the branches you can often find on a kitchen counter. 

Trim the bottoms of your branches and fill your vase with lots of water before you begin to arrange them. They will drink up a lot—keep them hydrated so that they stay fresh for as long as possible. To see how I arranged mine, check out my IGTV and story highlights on Instagram here and here

Good luck with your search and be sure to tag me in your finds on Instagram @eyeswoon or you can shop some of my favorites below! 

This post was originally published on February 26, 2019, and has since been updated.

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